Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 1 Recap: Ending

Fans are getting ready for the end of an era as “Blue Bloods” moves into its 14th and final season. We see how the Reagan family handles their personal and business lives in the busy streets of New York City in this episode. Jamie is deep underground and is putting everything at risk to keep the city he loves safe. Meanwhile, his wife Eddie approaches a young shoplifter, showing her compassionate side as she tries to guide the troubled teen onto the right path.

When Danny is a police officer, he and his partner Baez are deep in a murder case that is too close to home. Darryl Reid, played by Malik Yoba, is Danny’s ex-partner in the case, which gives the investigation a personal touch. Every time, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is in charge and has to deal with the political danger that comes with his job. So far, he’s had another fight with Mayor Chase, played by Dylan Walsh. They don’t agree on how to best serve and protect the city.

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Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the show, there is a scary scene of human traffickers taking a line of women by the hands and putting sacks over their heads. One woman gets away and runs frantically into the night. One of the traffickers gives chase and shows himself to be Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), who is working secretly and has a beard to look like the other criminals.

While this is going on, Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) are called to a domestic incident and find a woman whose husband has hit her. Even though the woman said it was just a mistake, Baez and Danny tell the husband that he will be arrested if it happens again.

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) sees a child stealing from an electronics store, but she can’t stop him because it’s against store policy. The kid acts rude when she questions him outside and shows him her badge. He then walks away.

Back at the place where the trafficking is happening, Jamie gets into a fight with a trafficker who doesn’t like him. Another trafficker says they feel bad about what they did, but a third, called Hater, doesn’t seem to care about anyone.

When Frank meets the mayor, the mayor gives Frank a paper-mache doll as a gift from Mexico’s Police Commissioner because Frank won a bet. The mayor says he hasn’t been able to get people to agree with him on his position on illegal immigrants. To solve the problem, he wants to suspend the Right to Shelter law, which helps the homeless and people who are mentally disturbed. Frank doesn’t want to back the mayor’s unpopular plan.

The boss of Eddie tells her that they can’t arrest shoplifters if the shops don’t want to press charges because it would be a waste of time. When the shoplifter’s mother comes in, she says she’s sorry and says she’s been trying to teach her son right from wrong but he doesn’t listen because he never gets in trouble. Eddie is mad that he has to let the kid go.

As things get worse at the trafficking site, Jamie steps in when one of the traffickers gets violent with a woman who is being held captive. When a fight breaks out, Jamie takes the attacker’s weapon away, which earns him respect from the other prisoners.

Baez and Danny are called back to the same fight in the family, but this time the husband James is already dead. Nia Fox, the wife, says she heard shots from upstairs, but her gun is gone. They ask her because they think she has something to do with the death of her husband.

A guy named Darryl (Malik Yoba) who says he is Nia’s father shows up at the police station and admits to killing the husband James Fox during a fight. The murder weapon is found on him, which leads to his arrest.

Eddie talks to Erin about the shoplifting incident. Erin says that prosecuting these kinds of cases isn’t a high concern because stores usually don’t press charges. Eddie, on the other hand, chooses to take the case to court herself by appearing as a witness before the corporate council.

At the trafficking site, things get worse when the boss finds a tracker and tells everyone to hand over their phones. When Hater finds out that Jamie is a police officer, he attacks him, which leads to a tense standoff. Jamie is able to persuade his boss not to hurt the prisoners, but things are still dangerous.

Danny goes to see Darryl in jail, and Darryl tells Danny that Nia killed her husband and that he is taking the blame to protect her. Danny is touched by Darryl’s sacrifice, but he has a hard time making a choice.

In the end, the boss of the trafficking group tells the prisoners to be killed to get rid of any proof. Jamie steps in and stops a tragedy, which eventually leads to the arrest of the smugglers.

At the end of the episode, Jamie goes back to his family for Sunday dinner, which is a very important practice for the Reagan family. Even though he had problems while he was underground, Jamie’s return is a time for the family to celebrate and come together. A moving scene that shows how strong and resilient the Reagan family is in the face of hardship is when Jamie leads the family in grace.

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