Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 – This time there will be Double Elimination

Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 will release on April 27, 2022. During the immunity challenge, the 10 remaining players will be split into two teams of five and go to Tribal Council. Who will be voted in double elimination this time?

The majority alliance was generally on the same page last Tribal Council, staying together to vote Chanelle out. Tori and Romeo were mentioned as probable players to eliminate in other parts of the program. So far, it appears that this massive alliance is still quite powerful, at least enough to get through the next several Tribals clearing out easy targets. While the numbers are dwindling, this may not last much longer.

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Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 Recap [April 27]: Is Tori Meehan and Rocksroy Voted Out?

Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 Spoilers

On CBS, a promo for Survivor 42, Episode 9 titled “Game of Chicken”, suggests that two more contestants are soon to be removed. Chanelle Howell was the first member voted off the merged tribe in the last episode. She came in 11th place and was chosen to serve on the Survivor 42 jury. This season, there are just ten players left competing for the $1 million prizes, and both Jeff Probst and the latest episode synopsis reveal that the next Tribal Council will be down to the final eight.

Omar Zaheer, Jonathan Young, Drea Wheeler, Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, Tori Meehan, Hai Giang, Romeo Escobar, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Rocksroy Bailey are the players still in the game.

“One castaway is the last standing in the fight for immunity and earns a spot in the final eight,” reads the short synopsis for Survivor 42, Episode 9.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 Promo

The TV promo for the latest episode of Survivor 42, Game of Chicken, may be seen here. and there will be plenty of drama. Not only does host Jeff Probst indicate two players will be sent home, but he also claims two people will win Individual Immunity. This may cause a lot of havoc in Tribal Council, especially with all of the benefits being distributed among the tribe.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 Release Date

Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 will premiere on April 27, 2022, at 8:00 p.m., CBS.   The new season will be available on CBS, as well as streaming sites like FuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T TV, and Paramount Plus.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 8 Recap

Tori, Chanelle, Romeo, and Maryanne are on the outs, but Chanelle claims to be playing chess while the rest of the group is playing checkers. While she interrogates Hai about why she wasn’t included in the Lydia vote, Romeo interrogates Drea. Mike speaks with Omar the next morning to learn more about Islam. Jeff claims to be hiding a huge advantage on the sit-out bench, which was left unclaimed last season. Players must navigate a set of buoys through a ropes course in the ocean before shooting them all into a basket for the challenge. The prize? A PB&J sandwich with chips! Omar makes an incredible four baskets, but Jonathan comes up big for the opposite team, sinking five in a succession. Tori, Rocksroy, Chanelle, Mike, and  Jonathan are the ones who are getting fed. Drea rips up her box, which turns out to be a tip to the advantage buried beneath a coconut near the water well. Drea has an amulet, an idol, an additional vote, and the advantage of Knowledge Is Power. Tori finds Drea’s arm is red when she returns to camp. Tori wasn’t born yesterday, so she tries to play it off like it was painted they got to decorate their new flag.

Not only is their flag still unpainted, but Tori also notices that Drea’s body language is suspicious. Jeff tells us that participants will once again have the option of opting out of the challenge in exchange for an individual piece of rice. Players must balance on a perch while grasping a buoy with two handles in this challenge. The winner is the last person standing. Lindsay and Drea offer to sit out while Jeff offers rice. Maryanne agrees, and she makes a tearful plea to the gang for a fourth person to step forward. After Omar agrees, Jeff accepts four sit-outs. Then comes the real test. Jonathan, Tori, and Chanelle are the only ones left standing after Rocksroy, Mike, and Romeo leave. Tori wins her second solo immunity win after an ultimate balancing showdown. Maryanne and Romeo are a couple. Mike is ecstatic to write Chanelle’s name down, while the rest of the group informs her that Romeo is the plan. Romeo tells Jeff about what’s been going on at camp, and he notes that while the gang is together, it can only continue so long. Hai then points out that if someone is causing trouble, they are most certainly not part of the majority. It’s difficult, according to Drea, since even if you agree with someone, what they do and say might have an impact on your game. There’s this entire vehicle analogy about a fictitious road trip or anything. Unfortunately for us, the group votes and no advantages are played. Chanelle gets voted out of the game and becomes the first member of the jury, despite Romeo’s best efforts.

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