Survivor Season 42 Episode 10 Recap [May 4,2022 ] Who Eliminated?

Survivor Season 42 Episode 10 Recap

Jeff divided the remaining ten players into two groups of five in the ninth episode of Survivor Season 42. Both teams competed for immunity (Hai and Jonathan won) before going to the tribal council in order. Despite his efforts to form a male-only alliance, Rocksroy was the first to go. Maryanne and Drea had strong reactions to seeing two Black people on the jury at the second tribal council, therefore they eventually both played their secret immunity idols. After that, the group held an open discussion and agreed to get rid of Tori (who tried and failed to save herself with her shot in the dark). On the island, just eight contenders survive. Who will be the next person to be voted out?Let’s find out

It’s night 17 on Kula Kula in this Survivor episode, and it’s raining. Hai is thrilled with how Tribalism went since he was able to get Rocksroy out and Mike listened to him. Meanwhile, Mike is angry with himself for allowing Hai to take control of his game. Mike confides in Omar, and Omar’s plan is now too harsh for Mike and Hai’s relationship. Drea is ecstatic that she still has an extra vote, and she understands that knowledge is power.

Lindsay is out seeking one on day 18, knowing that when two idols are played, one returns to the game. Maryanne is seeking firewood when she comes into another idol. She intends to keep this one to herself and her alone. When she was unhappy because she thought she was safe when she played her idol at the last tribal, she found another one the next day.

It’s time for the rewarding task, and the tribe is trembling from the cold rain. They only have to manoeuvre a sandbag through a series of obstacles and land it on a target today. The first person to finish gets a prize: delicious pizza, cold beer, and they’ll be comfortable and dry because they’ll be going to the sanctuary, where they’ll be sleeping with blankets and pillows.

They must swim to the obstacle course after starting in the water. Jonathan is the first to finish, and the weather is currently one of the worst it has been in a long time. Lindsey succeeds, and she receives an unexpected prize. Jeff informs her that the boat will pick her up and that she can bring one person with her. She takes Omar because he has yet to receive a reward. She asks Jeff if she can bring someone else, and Mike is the one she chooses. Lindsey gets to pick the two people she wants to talk strategy with, so it’s a win-win situation for her.

Hai is disappointed that he would not be able to participate in the reward, but he understands how much worse it could be having travelled from Vietnam. They’re so close to the finish line, and that’s what motivates him to keep going. Lindsey is indicating to Hai that she wants Jonathan to leave next, and he agrees.

The three are eating pizza when they begin to hear voices, which are their loved ones speaking, as well as their images on the trees, followed by a movie. It wasn’t simply nourishment for their bellies, but food for their souls as well. Omar expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to spend the evening with them. He goes on to add that Hai told him that Mike is his puppet and will do whatever he says. Mike claims to be a liar. Omar lied; Hai never did anything like that; it’s all part of the game. Mike claims to believe him, which is understandable.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 10 Recap

Lindsay expresses her desire to collaborate with them. She discloses that she, Hai, and Drea have an amulet they may use together and that if they all agree to use it, they will receive an extra vote. Mike says Hai needs to leave and that he won’t be able to see it coming.

It’s time for the immunity test. Today they will balance a ball on a wood bow while standing on a narrow perch. They’ll move down at regular intervals to make it more challenging. The winner has been assured a place in the final seven. Mike is the first to go, followed by Hai. Romeo is about to fall. It’s down to four now that Omar is gone.

After five minutes, they go on to the next section. Maryanne falls to the ground. Drea is no longer with us. Lindsey and Jonathan are the only ones who can save the day. On to the most difficult part of the beam, finding their footing and balance is extremely difficult. Jonathan is eliminated, and Lindsey is awarded immunity. Mike is pleased that Lindsey won, but he is relieved that Hai did not.

Mike informs Jonathan that Hai wishes to have him released, but that he wishes to surprise Hai and send him home. Drea wants Hai to leave, so her amulet becomes a vote stealer for Lindsey. Lindsey will go with the majority’s decision to get rid of Hai rather than jeopardise the boat. Hai chats with Jonathan and informs him that he understands his anxiety, but he will not be returning home. Hai informs him that he’ll use his hidden immunity idol on him and send Romeo home if he doesn’t go anywhere. Amar is torn between his loyalties to Hai and his desire to eliminate Jonathan, who has won more challenges than anybody else.

When Jeff asks if there was any fallout from her winning the challenge and who she brought with her to the tribal council, she says no. Lindsay then argues that tonight’s vote is about levelling the playing field, something Jonathan doesn’t quite get. It’s time to cast your ballot. There are no benefits or idols, and when the results are read, Hai Giang is the one who is kicked out.

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