[Midseason Finale] Station 19 Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Is Maya Bishop dead?

On Station 19 Season 6 Episode 6, Seattle is struck by a terrible lightning storm as part of the crossover event for the autumn finale. At the firefighting boot camp, Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss), Jack Gibson, and Chief Natasha Ross (Merle Dandridge) all work with young girls, and their lessons are tested when a father arrives with his daughters who were struck by lightning. Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) resolves to play dirty politics to guarantee Michael Dixon (Pat Healy) loses after missing a crucial union meeting for his campaign. Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) pushes herself too far, and Chief Natasha has little faith that her relationship with Sullivan can endure. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Station 19 Season, 6 Episode 6 continue reading the recap at tvacute.com.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Dr. Carina (Stefania Spampinato) admits to taking a pregnancy test and telling Maya that the results are negative. Maya is still upset that she tested positive for pregnancy without telling her. Carina wants her wife to have any other typical response so that she can comprehend how she feels about the situation, but Maya merely says that she is shocked. Carina says she’s going to Bailey’s new reproductive care clinic because she wants to feel like she’s actually doing something. When Chief Natasha and Sullivan awaken in a different hotel room, Chief advises Sullivan to put the break on their relationship since they are moving too quickly after Sullivan said he wanted more from her. Seeing each other more frequently is her idea of doing more for the time being because she wants to take it slow and keep them a secret.

Vic Hughes complains to Andrea “Andy” Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) about how Travis Montgomery constantly compliments her on Eli. Andy admits that she doesn’t like his kind, finds him to be nearly too flawless, and doesn’t understand him. Eli advises that Travis divulge the Crisis One call regarding Michael Dixon and his wife, but Travis is still reluctant to play dirty. Speaking of the devil. Ben Warren (Jason George) who is in a foul mood, admits that he and Bailey are engaged in some type of argument because Bailey wants him to perform anesthesiology at the reproductive clinic and even made fun of him for being on desk duty.

At her new boot camp, Vic Hughes gives a speech to a group of teenage ladies, and just as they start their workouts, lightning strikes. One of the other girls is enamoured with Maya and confides in her that she participates in track and field and hears her name called on the dispatch radio she listens to. While speaking to the girl, Maya takes some drugs and is entirely businesslike. The team pulls the girls inside to finish their workouts as the lightning and thunder get closer. Eli snaps images of Travis boarding the truck for his campaign as the team is called out. When Gibson arrives at the fire station, Chief Natasha asks him if he would help Hughes with the boot camp because the team had been called in.

The squad arrives at the scene of a helicopter crash, and while Sean Beckett (Josh Randall) directs them, Theo Ruiz (Carlos Miranda) warns him to stop calling them kids. Sean dislikes being instructed on how to command his firefighters. While trying to pull something off of the truck, Theo and Andy notice that Maya is in agony. When Andy tries to go help her, Sean yells at her to return to her post. Jonathan and Isabelle, who are stuck in the helicopter, get assistance from Ben. Although Omar, the helicopter pilot, appears to be in a bad predicament, Andy and Sullivan attempt to assist him. When Omar yells that he sees his father, the man suddenly dies. Andy keeps making obstinate attempts to release him, but Sullivan has to urge her to stop.

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Ben tries to assist Jonathan and informs Sullivan that they must remove the entire seat since they are unable to remove the portion of the bar that is lodged in his leg. Ben learns from Jonathan that he sacrificed his ideal job for his wife, which made him hate her. Jonathan confesses that he sincerely loves his wife, despite the fact that he may be harsh with her. Ben seems to be worried about his emotions and can’t help but be reminded of his wrath at his own wife. Ben is informed by Sullivan that Beckett stated they couldn’t remove the complete seat. Beckett informs Ben that they won’t be able to spend much more time outside when Ben jumps out to protect his position. They begin shouting, and Maya and Andy ultimately join in to support Ben’s strategy. As they continue to shout at him, Beckett begs Andy to take charge if she truly believes she can manage the situation better. As soon as possible, Andy steps in and gives the staff the order to remove Jonathan and the chair. While the team works cooperatively to successfully remove Jonathan from the chair, Beckett observes from a distance while munching on a snack.

Vic Hughes and Gibson observe the girls as they deploy fire hoses. Hughes pulls a girl called Santos aside after noticing her unfriendly demeanor. Santos admits that she isn’t very good at any of this but that her parents made her try it out anyhow. Hughes is able to encourage her and persuade her to attempt again. Chief Natasha notices her and gives her a compliment before inquiring about Hughes’s thoughts on Beckett. In a home full of overachievers and boisterous workers,  Hughes tentatively admits that he’s more of a mellow guy, therefore it’s not the best fit.

The boot camp girls practice CPR, but they and Gibson find it to be uninteresting. When Gibson convinces them to perform chest compressions to “Baby Shark,” they start to chuckle and loosen up a little. When the girls ask why they need to learn this when they’re going to battle fires, Chief Natasha enters and explains how the training from a class similar to that one helped keep a soldier alive in Iraq. The females appear to take it more seriously as a result of this. Vic Hughes admits that her narrative completely blew Chief Natasha away and that she has never felt that passionately about anything she has ever done. Chief Natasha replies that they don’t have time for this and advises her to return to aid the girls when she asks him how she got that feeling. In addition to showing Hughes his newborn picture and the letter from his biological sister, Gibson informs Hughes during lunch that he needs this. Hughes points out that this is untrue; they just couldn’t retain him. He claims that his parents loved him but didn’t like him. Gibson admits he’s puzzled and perplexed about his sister’s outreach.

Vic Hughes and the girls are practicing chainsaw drills when an unexpected automobile pulls up and starts banging on the doors and yelling for aid. He opened a car door to reveal two kids who he claims were struck by lightning when Hughes, Chief Natasha, and Gibson go out to assist him. As they begin chest compressions, they bring in the kids and speak to their father, Enzo. Hughes enlists the assistance of the other girls and calls over Santos to assist her. They are encouraged as they take over CPR by Hughes and Gibson. They are successful in reviving a pulse in both of the kids.

[Midseason Finale] Station 19 Crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy

Ben gives Grey Sloan a heads-up call to make sure they have enough aid to deal with their trauma. Theo commends him for his leadership and expresses his disgust with Maya and Beckett. One of the boot camp girls, O’Hare, starts to flip out as the girls are being taken away in an ambulance and say that she can’t handle it and that it was too much. Hughes soothes her, and Santos reassures her that they actually did it just now. Hughes pulls the girl close and encourages her to sob in relief. When Travis Montgomery informs Andy that Eli has been messaging him incessantly, Travis recognizes he hasn’t followed Eli’s advice and ponders how much of a part he actually plays in the situation. He inquires as to if Andy is still in charge so that he may attend the union event that Eli had advised him to attend, but Andy replies that Beckett must be consulted.

Hughes feels she isn’t on the right road, but Chief Natasha praises her for the way she handled those girls. Hughes is one of the best first responders Chief Natasha has ever seen, and she informs her that she wants her to run Emergency One. Travis Montgomery arrives at the union gathering in a hurry, but it has already ended and attendees are dispersing. Travis explains to the remaining people that he was running late because he was on call. Travis is informed regrettably by Eli that he is talking to the housekeeping staff and not the firefighters. The man Dixon is spoken to responds that he was hoping to hear directly from Travis today and is disappointed when Travis tries to convince him that the allegations are untrue. Eli urges Travis to maintain his composure when he becomes enraged. Travis reprimands Eli for his performance and orders him to leak the Michael Dixon story.

Beckett simply responds that he was just allowing her to play Captain for the day as she desired when Andy questions him about why he cut off the call. When Maya storms off, Beckett orders Andy to act like a captain and pursue her. Maya, who was displeased that Andy took control of her when loading the victim into the ambulance during the call, went to see Andy. She explains to Maya that she doesn’t appear right and that she is aware that when Maya is spinning, she pursues the people she loves and views them more as rivals than as allies. Andy implores Maya to accept their assistance, but Maya walks out, refusing to take part.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode  6 Recap: Ending

When Chief Natasha is located, Sullivan informs him that it is unlikely that they would ever be able to ride to work together as he had hoped. She claims that their relationship feels insurmountable, but Sullivan attempts to reassure her that it will work, even cracking the joke that they might give up their jobs and relocate. Sullivan claims that they both desire more, but Chief Natasha counters that since it took her so long to obtain her role and the fact that she is an inspiration to others, she cannot jeopardize these factors for him. She apologizes to him and admits she doesn’t know how to make things work. Maya is in excruciating pain as she runs on the treadmill. Eventually, she trips and tumbles, landing forcefully on her back and losing consciousness.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode  6 Recap: Is Maya Bishop dead?

After getting off the treadmill at the very end of the episode, Maya was pushing herself, which resulted in her experiencing a significant amount of physical discomfort. Despite this, she continued to run. Ironically, she continued to run in the hope that it might help her block out some of the emotional anguish she was experiencing. She did not want to confess that she need assistance, primarily because she does not have that trait hardwired into her DNA. Unfortunately, she falls just as Andy and the other firefighters were being called out into the field, so her body was left alone but they don’t return to seek her. Even so, a fire station is the only location in which a person has a reasonable opportunity to survive after experiencing something that threatens their life. In due time, people will come back, and when they do, they will hopefully be in a position to care for her. We don’t believe that her accident has to be a death sentence in any way, and when we entered the second half of the crossover with Grey’s Anatomy, our expectation was that this would be addressed in more detail.

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