Spain Picks Two Hit Series from Eccho Rights

En todas partes tú (Everywhere I Go) and Mi mentira más dulce (My Sweet Lie)

I bring good news for Spain watchers, Two Turkish series  En todas partes tú (Everywhere I Go) and Mi mentira más dulce (My Sweet Lie) which got from Eccho Rights in December. it will arrive “very soon”.

Everywhere I Go premiered in Turkey in 2019 on Fox under the title Her Yerde Sen, quickly becoming one of the hits of the season.

The Everywhere I Go story follows Selin and Demir, who end up buying the same home from a family at war for ownership. Suddenly, they have to share their dream house with an inopportune stranger, and furthermore, they discover that Demir is the new investor in Selin’s company, making her their boss. Although they fight to avoid each other in both their private and professional lives, neither of them can resist the inevitable chemistry that builds up between them and ultimately leads to a burgeoning romance.

Meanwhile, My Sweet Lie (Benim Tatli Yalanim) tells the story of Nejat (Furkan Palali), who promised his daughter Kayra (Lavinya Ünlüer) that one day her mother will return with the family, on the girl’s birthday.

So when Suna (Asli Bekiroglu) shows up at her house on the big day with a cake in hand, Kayra is delighted. The only problem is that Suna is not really her mother. But Nejat, unable to disappoint his beloved daughter, instinctively pretends that her mother has returned. However, this sweet lie soon escapes Nejat’s control.

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