Somebody Somewhere Season 1 Finale Recap

somebody-somewhere-7 Finale recap

The following includes spoilers for the season one finale of Somebody Somewhere, Episode 7, “Mrs. Diddles,” directed by Jay Duplass and written by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen. In the season finale, we finally learn what brought Rick to choir practice, as Sam uses the opportunity while (technically) stealing his smokes to ask him directly about it. Ed couldn’t afford rehab, MJ leaves and promises Ed (Mike Hagerty) that she can make it work with his aid.

The drama on Somebody Somewhere last week left Sam and her family in a precarious position. While her alcoholic mother is still on the mend, she is still unable to cope with the consequences of her drinking on her daughters. And she kept her therapist in the dark about her late daughter Holly? To say the least, it’s perplexing! Sam has recovered from her abrupt exit from the standardized testing center where she worked in the season finale of the Bridget Everett-led dramedy. She’s now working at her sister Tricia’s store, and not only are the two women getting along better, but Sam has also developed into a formidable saleswoman!

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When Fred Rococo (Murray Hill) arrives at the house to give Ed’s soil report, Sam recommends using her family’s barn as a new venue for choir practice. The two decide to organize a poker night, and they’ll propose the idea to Joel  (Jeff Hiller),, who is still reeling from his recent breakup. Sam and Joel go on a church tour the next morning in an attempt to get him out of the house and into a new place of worship. Outside, Sam collides with Charity’s husband, Coop, and puts her foot in her mouth completely. She tells him, “I still can’t believe that about Rick and Charity.” The guy’s expression indicated that he was still unaware of the situation. Whoops!

Sam is dispatched to the motel to seize Rick’s smoker. Finally, Sam inquires as to what he was doing at choir practice. He claims he was working a night job when he came across it and liked it. Later, Ed is astonished to discover Mary Jo sitting at their kitchen table, having recently returned from rehab. With money running out, MJ believes she can keep her sobriety by merely attending meetings. Joel, on the other hand, discovers Sam’s journal in his car. Is she still singing about Holly in her song?

somebody-somewhere Finale recap

When Sam goes to the shop, he discovers that Charity has returned. Charity claims Tricia has nothing to blackmail her with now that Coop knows the truth. She doesn’t appear to be willing to give up the store that simply. It doesn’t take long for the two women to get into a squabble, prompting Joel to intervene and separate them. Despite the controversy, the business is named Downtown Business of the Year. Yay? The gang eats some snacks at poker night, and Joel lets slip that he reads one of Sam’s compositions. Fred then takes them on a field trip to the barn, where Sam entertains them with a piano melody. Her performance is dedicated to her friend Joel. She swears there will be “no dongs” in the song, then goes on to perform an emotional ballad about how his companionship gave her strength and brought her back home. Is Sam’s midlife crisis now under control?

Mary Jo lurks outside near the barn at her parent’s property, which feels strange and ominous, but happily, no tragedy occurs. Then we see Tricia making a visit to Coop. She presumably to discuss, but we are not privy to their exchange. One may envision them bonding over their adulterous spouses, finding some solace in it, and even agreeing to forgive each other.  Sam walks into her sister Holly’s room and lies down on the bed towards the end of the season. Her face is washed in a sense of tranquility and a sweet grin.

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