So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 2: What to Expect

So Help Me, Todd With its intense first episode, Season 2 is off to a great start. The first episode reintroduces viewers to Todd (Skylar Astin) as he deals with several tough situations, such as a tense family dinner and a surprising run-in with his sister’s ex-husband. Fans can look forward to seeing Todd take on new tasks and go on exciting adventures as the season goes on.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 2: What to Expect

As Season 2 of So Help Me Todd goes on, fans can expect Todd to face new problems and go on fun adventures. “Your Day in Court,” the next episode, will have Margaret and Todd working on two different issues. Todd, on the other hand, thinks that there is a crime going on in the courts right now. Todd’s concerns grow as they learn more about their cases.  Fans can also look forward to more of the funny banter and smart storylines that made the first season so much fun.

Creator Scott Pendergast has hinted that this season will be full of surprises. There have also been hints of new things happening in Todd’s personal life by Pendergast, including possible love relationships and unlikely friendships. Fans can look forward to an exciting ride in So Help Me Todd Season 2, which will bring back old characters and introduce new ones.

So Help Me Todd S2E2

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

There will be a second episode of “So Help Me Todd”‘s second season on CBS on Thursday, February 22 at 9:01 PM ET/PT. You can also watch the episode, called “Your Day in Court,” on Paramount+ the day after it airs. The episode was written by Jamie Pachino and directed by Nick Gomez. 

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So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

In the first episode of Season 2 of So Help Me Todd, Todd is thrilled to find out that Harry, his mother’s second husband who she no longer lives with, has come back from Iceland. When Todd tells his family about this news, things get heated during dinner, showing how protective he is. Even though Todd wanted payback at first, his family members stopped him from making a terrible choice.

Along with Harry’s return, Todd has a new place to live now that his sister, who just got divorced, is staying with him. Even though things got awkward at first, Todd seems to be taking the situation well. He even wished his sister’s ex-husband, Peter, luck on his wedding to another woman. Things get strange for Todd, though, when he kisses Susan on the forehead before leaving the room. Susan is his sister’s ex-girlfriend.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Iceland Was Horrible

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