So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Iceland Was Horrible

In So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1, we pick up where the first season left off and learn more about Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden), Todd (Skylar Astin), and the other characters. There is a lot of drama, mystery, and unexpected turns in this show that keep people on the edge of their seats. As the story goes on, the characters face new problems that test their relationships and push them to their limits. Fans of the show should watch So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1 because it has a great story and great acting.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 2: What to Expect

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Margaret wakes up at Gus’s house, where she has been staying for a few days, at the start of the show. At the same time, Allison (Madeline Wise) is sleeping on Todd’s couch because she just broke up with her husband. Margaret is at work when Francey meets her and tells her that Harry has come back and is staying at Margaret’s flat.

Dorothy is shocked, but she chooses not to tell anyone that Harry is back. Margaret finds out at work that Todd has started his own private investigation business. She tells him to close it down. The company is having trouble, and Margaret has to fire sixteen workers, including Todd.

At the same time, there is an incident at the KOLP morning show, where host Jennifer is accused of killing her co-host James. Marge takes on Jennifer’s case and asks Todd to help her find Roy, a key witness.

Todd agrees to help, but only if he gets a raise and can take on clients from outside the company. Margaret agrees, and they find Roy. Roy tells them that many people at the station wanted James to die.

Todd comes up with creative ways to get information, like putting trackers on cars in the parking area of the station. They find out that the killer might have been someone who could get to the catwalk at the station, which is where the murder weapon was found.

As Margaret tries to clear Jennifer’s name, things get worse between her and Gus Easton (Jeffrey Nordling), who isn’t sure if they should be together. Todd finds out who the killer is and risks his own safety to solve the case, which is a shocking turn of events that ends the show.

Margaret has to make some tough choices in the end to save the company, while Todd thinks about what to do next in his personal life. So Help Me Todd Season 2 episode 1 is a thrilling and tense show that sets the tone for an exciting season to come.

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