Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Recap of “The First Blow”

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Recap-

In a frozen valley, two routes separate, like Snowpiercer and Big Alice fight for supremacy. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance between Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Wilford. It’s still astonishing that Snowpiercer and Big Alice are playing cat and mouse. The Tail always prevails, as Pike (Steven Ogg) declares in this episode. Wilford (Sean Bean) has all the personnel he needs to fend off any straight-ahead boarding attempts; this isn’t an even fight like when Melanie’s train was taken over by the Tailies. Let’s start Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Recap below.

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The pirate train tries to reunite with the Snowpiercer at the start of the episode. When Ben, Layton, and Alex supervise the engine’s reconnection. Ruth is returned to her cell as Wilford’s men prepare for combat. Josie learns that Wilford plans to destroy them with a cannon. To avert destruction, they drive their train through the Snowpiercer, derailing part of the cars. To keep Layton from attacking them, Wilford also brings Zarah to the Big Alice engine. Ben disconnects the derailed cars in order to salvage the pirate train, but he loses track of the Snowpiercer in the process. The pirate train has deviated off the main track, according to Javi, and they’ve lost track of it.

They crash into a succession of obstacles on the course when Wilford orders full speed forward. Wilford assigns Kevin the task of tracking down and punishing Ruth’s associates in order to make an example of them. Farah is to come to him, he says. They’re keeping an eye on the other train and prepared to circle back around on them. Josie is preparing to leap over the engine and breach it. Wilford’s defense is being put up by a group that includes PIke, Z-Wreck, and Strongboy. Pike is reminded by Z-Wreck and Strongboy that he is now the leader and cannot be a distraction. He can’t be apprehended. They begin a fight with the jackboots, but Pike manages to flee. Wilford orders his weapon to be deployed as the pirate train approaches. They harpoon the pirate train’s last vehicle, forcing it to begin to derail. Before they separate from the derailing carriages, Sykes drags Asha out of her berth. The train is stabilized when the cars are disconnected.

Asha is moved up to the engine bunk car by Layton. Ben informs him that Wilford’s train has gone dark and they can’t find him when he returns to the engine. Kevin awakens LJ and Oz in order to take control of the Night Car. In the Night Car, the jackboots have kneeled and tied Resistance supporters. Ruth is guarded by a jackboot, which Pike manages to get past. She instructs him on how to communicate with Layton. Wearing her old enviro suit helmet helps Asha to relax. Layton irritates her, prompting her to inquire as to why Wilford attacked them.

Onboard Wilford’s train, he reveals why they’re at war and that he’s expecting a child with a partner. In the library car, Audrey and Bess had a conversation. Bess fantasizes about rescuing Roche from the Drawers. The pirate train searches the top of the ridge for Wilford but can’t find him. Pike obeys Ruth’s orders and enters Hospitality, where he activates the New Year’s Eve procedures, which send off a series of pyrotechnics. Wilford tells Javi to empty the train’s reserves and hurry out of the train yard before the pirate train arrives. Kevin is tormenting Strong Boy in the Night Car by freezing and hammering off his fingers one by one. As LJ watches, intrigued, Oz becomes increasingly uneasy and warns her that Layton might win, and they’ll be permanently associated with their involvement. Kevin decides to take the tongue of Strong Boy next. Layton and Josie decide to approach Wilford’s train head-on because of the harpoon, using Audrey as a distraction.

Wilford is offered Audrey a car in First by Layton if he surrenders the train. Wilford declines the offer, but as they light Audrey’s candle and give her the microphone to speak with him, Layton dashes down the train changes into a suit and departs via a cold lock. The dead are nudged by Snowpiercer. The train carrying Big Alice and Wilford begins to retreat back into the valley. Rather than reversing, Wilford orders the train to be turned off. Unless Snowpiercer connects, he intends to freeze everyone on board. Ben initiates the procedure by speaking to Javi in Spanish. On the train, Javi secretly opens a door. As soon as Snowpiercer connects, the jackboots are ready to assault. Josie emerges out of nowhere from Big Alice’s back window.

When she breaks the glass with a bolt gun and backs up against Layton, who is ready with his own bolt gun, Wilford is taken aback. Layton knocks him out and uses the bolt pistol to pierce Wilford’s hand. Wilford is forced to tell his soldiers to stand down and hand over the train to Layton Bayton. When Josie gets into the engine car, she sees Layton hugging Zarah’s pregnant tummy. LJ declares in the Night Car that he wants to be on the right side of history. She gives Z-Wreck an orange before stabbing Kevin in the throat. Wilford is led to a cell by Josie. Over a drink, Layton and Ruth reconcile.

Till frees Roche and his family from the Drawers, but Anne is no longer alive. The body of Strong Boy has been laid to rest. Ben goes out of his way to console Javi. Ruth learns about Layton’s intention to take the train to a warm location in the Horn of Africa. It’ll be a vote among the entire train. Audrey is escorted to Third by Sykes, who informs her that she is limited to Third and is not permitted to use the Night Car. Wilford’s wound is being cared for by Josie. Layton wants Asha to tell a narrative in the library car that will sway the vote in his favor. She uses the P.A. to address the train, and it works. Till, Alex, Ruth, Ben, Josie, and Layton form a deal to keep the lie going in the hopes of being proven correct. In her helmet, Asha sits in the library, taking deep breaths.

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