Smile (2022) Movie: Is Rose dead? Ending Explained

Smile (2022) Movie: Is Rose dead? Ending Explained

Smile (2022) movie is an adaptation of Finn’s own short film Laura Hasn’t Slept. The story follows Rose, a psychiatrist whose life turns into a waking nightmare after she sees a tragic act that puts her own life in risk.   Starring in the movie are Sosie Bacon, Rob Morgan, Kal Penn, Caitlin Stasey, Kyle Gallner, and After witnessing a particularly horrific incident involving a patient, the protagonist of the story begins to go insane and seems to be losing her mind. All of this builds to a terrifying conclusion where Rose is forced to face her own past. Be careful, ( there are detailed spoilers after this paragraph if you want to know how Smile ends.

Smile (2022) Movie Plot

When patient Laura Weaver (Caitlin Stasey) a Ph.D. student urgently claims that she is being pursued by some sort of entity, clinical psychiatrist Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) responds with a horrifyingly unsettling smile. The visions of these smiling figures had first appeared after Laura had witnessed a professor commit suicide in front of her. The patient, who had previously witnessed a similar suicide, realizes that unless she takes immediate action, she will undoubtedly meet the same horrific demise. As Rose cries out for assistance, Laura begins to smile out of nowhere and kills herself in front of a shocked Rose by slitting her own throat with a shard from a broken vase. She enlists the assistance of her ex-boyfriend Joel (Kyle Gallner), a police officer, who is first reticent to assist, as she does her investigation, and the two learn that a long string of suicides can be linked together.

Robert Talley (Rob Morgan), who is in incarcerated after killing his business partner, is the only person who appears to have avoided suicide after becoming entangled in the chain. Rose and Joel’s hypothesis that Talley was able to break the curse by committing a murder in front of a witness and the curse then passing to the witness instead is confirmed after seeing Talley. In her current state of desperation, Rose briefly considers killing one of her patients in order to spread the curse, and she even has hallucinations about doing just that. Instead, Rose chooses to pursue a different path and heads to the family’s abandoned home, where her mother committed herself many years prior. Rose realizes that since there is no record of her suicide, the curse cannot be passed on to another person.

Smile (2022) Movie: Is Rose dead? Ending Explained

Rose understands she can face the adversary if no one else is present to see the trauma. As she reveals, Rose’s mother had requested her to call for help during the overdose, but Rosie never did and instead let her mother die. Rose then drives to the house where she grew up and saw her own mother die of a drug overdose. Rose finds herself alone in this house, facing the image of her mother, who symbolised the terrifying entity that feeds on trauma despite growing enormously large. In order to fully rid herself of the guilt she has carried with her entire life, Rose sets the thing on fire and lets it burn in her childhood home. Joel smiles as Rosie realizes she is still at her childhood home as she drives back to the city to tell him the spell has been broken.

Joel, who has been tracking Rose’s activities through her phone, arrives on the scene just in time for the monster to finally win over Rose. he gets to the house too late and enters to find Rosie grinning before she lights herself on fire. The fact that we can see this in Joel’s eyes serves as proof that the curse will remain on him. As viewers watch Joel’s amazement at Rosie putting herself on fire. Unfortunately, it appears that the curse has found a means to continue, and Joel is now likely to be its next victim. the movie turns to black, leaving viewers to wonder what Joel’s future might bring.

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