Shrinking Soundtrack: What is the sad song in the Shrinking Series?

One of the reasons Apple TV’s “Shrinking” has become so popular is because of the way the show uses music to enhance the tale. Among these tunes, has made a lasting impression and stirred strong feelings in the audience. tvacute will go into the universe of “Shrinking” and examine the sad song. You’ll be able to relive the poignant moments of “Shrinking” by learning more about what happened in episode 3 and when this powerful song was played.

What is the sad song in the Shrinking Series?

The sad song in the “Shrinking” series is “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers. This decision has profoundly resonated with fans by giving the series more depth and emotion.
This episode includes this song not once, but twice, highlighting its significance in expressing the series’ emotional story.

“I Know the End” is a really good fit for the track “Shrinking.” It is the thunderous coda to Phoebe Bridgers’s highly regarded album, “Punisher.” The emotional resonance of this song makes it an ideal setting for the series.

During a conversation with Bridgers regarding “Punisher,” she divulged information regarding the writing process of “I Know the End.” Her first “end of the world song,” as she put it, is a potent, apocalyptic tale that strikes a deep chord with the themes of loss and sadness covered in “Shrinking.” This song is an important part of the series since it has an emotional depth that is only equaled by the best narratives.

Bridgers took inspiration for the song from a number of places. she had read Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake,” which ominously foresaw a pandemic. The song’s application in “Shrinking” has additional depth from its connection to actual occurrences. It highlights how the show may emotionally and personally connect with viewers, creating a memorable and relatable experience.

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What happened in Shrinking Episode 3?

Let’s now examine the events of “Shrinking” episode 3 in more detail. The protagonist of the show is Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), a therapist who is experiencing severe grief following the death of his wife. In this episode, we follow Jimmy as he makes unethical decisions that go against the grain while navigating the lives of his patients. These decisions have far-reaching effects on Jimmy’s patients as well.

“Fifteen Minutes,” the name of the episode, is dedicated to further developing the cast of “Shrinking.” One of the therapists, Paul (Harrison Ford), initially takes  Jessica Williams chracter’s Gaby’s suggestion to drive him to work every morning because of his Parkinson’s disease pridefully and dismissively. To demonstrate his driving prowess, he even retakes the driving exam. But in the end, he agrees to carpool and accepts assistance.

We see Paul and Jimmy’s relationship deteriorate throughout the show. After a falling out over Jimmy’s tenant, Paul stops answering Jimmy’s calls. This episode features a big subplot centered around Gaby’s upcoming divorce. Even if this plot’s elements may come off as cliche, it does include a touching moment when Jimmy tells her to focus on herself and not become obsessed with what her ex-husband might do. The episode revolves around guilt, with Gaby fretting about the consequences of ending a big and deep relationship and Alice finding it difficult to move on.

When did “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers play in Shrinking Episode 3?

One of the series’ turning points is when Phoebe Bridgers uses “I Know the End” in “Shrinking” Episode 3. The song is played during a scenario in which Jason Segel’s character, Jimmy, goes on a therapeutic bike ride.

Jimmy chooses to play “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers as he sets off on his bike trip. The episode has a strong and poignant moment set against the backdrop of the song, which is well-known for its raw lyrics and intense emotional content. By the song’s conclusion, Jimmy is overcome with emotion. He’s so moved that he lets out a yell, “F*ck you, Phoebe Bridgers!” Jimmy is deeply affected by the song’s intensity and the eerie vocals of Bridgers, which reflects the range of emotions that “Shrinking” aims to portray.

This scene perfectly encapsulates the core of the show, as the characters face their feelings and loss head-on. The selection of “I Know the End” as the corresponding soundtrack heightens the scene’s emotional impact and strikes a chord with viewers on a personal level.

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