Sex Education Season 3 – what happened and where does this season leave us?

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

The long-awaited third season of Netflix’s smash comedy-drama Sex Education premiered today. The eight new episodes saw a huge upheaval at Moordale Secondary. The third season of Sex Education ends with a bang! We should probably break it down per character. In the season 3 finale, there is simply too much going on. There were so many narratives to wrap up, and it was so action-packed.

The season begins with Moordale students enjoying a wild summer before returning to school. Otis, (Asa Butterfield) who had a year-long feud with Maeve (Emma Mackey), has maintained a casual relationship with high school queen Ruby. But he is wary of publicly admitting their bond. After Mr. Groff was fired, the school has a new Headteacher, a former student and vivacious young girl eager to meet the children. Mrs. Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke) is determined to improve the school’s image in the news at any cost.

Adam slowly accepts coming out to his peers as Eric and he explores their relationship. Maeve is worried about her mother, who has a periodic drug habit and has lost custody of her small daughter, Elsie. In school, the sassy girl ignores Otis and tries to revive their sex clinic.  Jean( Gillian Anderson ) ultimately tells Jakob she’s pregnant, and they agree to co-parent. After an especially affectionate night, Jakob and his daughter Ola move in with Jean and Otis. But Jakob is still doubtful, and the bond is shaky. Otis and Ola get along well enough that Otis even counsels Ola’s lover Lily.

So, what happened and where does this season leave us?

The biggest twist of Season 3’s conclusion has to be the closure of Moordale Secondary when Hope Haddon’s government crumbles and the school loses its financial sponsors as a result of the school’s ongoing sexual liberation and rebellious behavior. Meanwhile, Hope has another round of IVF therapy after three years of failure and feels like a failure, but is consoled by Otis, who explains why it is vital, to be frank about body and sex concerns.

In other news, Eric Effiong confesses to Adam Groff that he kissed another guy while in Lagos, but that he doesn’t regret it and that he still feels held back by Adam, thereby ending their relationship. Eric and Adam’s relationship does not work out. Adam is upset, but he pursues his enthusiasm for dog shows with Madame, his pet, in front of his mother Maureen and teacher Emily Sands.

In other love news, Jackson hooks up with non-binary student Cal and attempts to figure out what it means for him as a heterosexual cisgender man, but their two identities don’t mesh together well enough at the moment, and they break up romantically.

Lily Iglehart and Ola Nyman also mended their relationship after Lily regained her alien desires and Ola finally addressed her anguish over her mother. We also got to meet Viv’s gorgeous lover Eugene, and they had a healthy sex life together. Each of Viv and Jackson’s romantic dramas is unique.

When it came to the grownups, Otis’ sister Jean gave birth to her and Jakob’s child, but she had problems and nearly died. She does, however, heal and forms a new family with Jakob, Otis, and Ola. Surprisingly, when Jean receives the results of a paternity test, she is shocked, implying that Jakob is not the father of her child.

In other scenes, Michael Groff matures and confronts his bully brother Peter (Jason Isaacs) before having sex with his estranged wife Maureen. Despite her expectations for a complete reunion, Maureen puts it on wait in order to avoid confusing their son Adam.

Importantly, after being sexually harassed last season, Aimee Gibbs went to counseling for her trauma and reconciled with best friend Maeve after paying for the school trip behind Maeve’s back. Aimee also ends her relationship with Steve in order to discover who she is on her own. Ruby Matthews, the ‘IT girl,’ made peace with Otis after their relationship ended owing to her unrequited love for him.

Finally, in the show’s great love triangle, cunning Isaac kills Maeve before Otis declares his undying love for her, forcing them to kiss. Otis and Maeve ultimately admit to one other that they love each other, but they must separate ways. Despite the fact that she is on the verge of a serious relationship, Maeve leaves for the United States to pursue a study abroad chance funded by her fugitive mother Erin.

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