Superstore Season 6 Episode 14 & 15 Preview | Series Finale Special Return of America Ferrera

Superstore Season 6 Episode 14 & 15 Preview | Series Finale Return of America Ferrera

The comedian show Superstore debuted on NBC in 2015. Now it has reached its peak. Yes! The finale of Superstore Season 6 is set for episodes 14 and 15, which is coming next week. And even more, America Ferrera will make its appearance in the series finale. He will return as former Cloud 9 manager Amy Sosa.

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Ferrera’s character Amy worked at the Cloud 9 corporate headquarters at the end of season 5 last year and ended her romance with Jonah (Ben Feldman). But fans are hopeful that her return to the series finale may lead to a happy ending for Amy and Joanna.

To know more about Superstore Season 6‘s special finale, you can look at its promos and episodes of Synopsis, which are given below.

Superstore Series Finale Promo

Superstore Season 6 Episode 14 “Perfect Score”

  Some inside information cloud 9 employees to try to make the store perfect for one day.

Superstore Season 6 Episode 15 “All Sales Final”

Celebration of the past, present, and future of the employee this joyous and emotional cloud 9 Let’s celebrate the final of the series.

The Superstore Season 6 finale will air on Thursday 25 March (08:00 PM – 09:01 PM) with its one-hour run on NBC.

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