[Series Finale] A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 13 Recap: Gary Dies

In the penultimate episode of A Million Little Things Season 5, we learn that Javier “Gary” Mendez Jr. (James Roday Rodriguez), the character’s Stage IV cancer diagnosis has left no chance of remission, and the treatment plan is aimed at delaying the disease’s progression. So in the finale episode, viewers should be prepared for an emotional and tearful ending because of what happened in the previous episode, in which the main characters rallied around Gary as he appeared to be near the end of his life. Readers are also given reason to believe that David Giuntoli’s Eddie, another series regular, will get the happy ending he so richly deserves. (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of A Million Little Things Season 5 Finale, in case you missed the episode.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 13 Recap

In the series finale episode of A Million Little Things, Gary breathed his last, shattering the hearts of viewers everywhere. Although Gary was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the beginning of the season, that was not the cause of his untimely demise. In order to die with honor, Gary opted for suicide counseling. His astonished friends disputed the plan at first, but they ended up helping him get what he required and then they all assembled for an emotional supper while Maggie gave her husband the drugged tea that killed him. The episode concluded with a time leap that showed us how the characters were doing fifteen years later.

Million Little Things finale

A hospital bed, as indicated by the hospice nurse in the prior episode, has been wheeled into Gary and Maggie’s living room and Gary is currently lying in it. Due to the effects of his sickness, he has lost the ability to talk and instead uses a whiteboard to convey his thoughts and ideas. He’s not really hungry. Colin has rolled up to rest on his toes. Maggie and Eddie seem completely unfazed as they watch Javi practice his newfound walking abilities. However, this is not the case. Maggie enters the kitchen, and Gary immediately has Eddie contact Rome and bring him over.

The scene then shifts to a recent past as Rome records Gary breaking up with Eddie on camera. However, Gary becomes distraught, requests that Rome turn off the camera, and ultimately asks them to assist him in taking his own life if it appears that he will not be able to beat cancer. They take his words as a joke yet he is serious. He instructs them to contact Kevin, the oncology nurse who has been administering the chemotherapy treatments, at the appropriate time so that he can provide the medications that will “put me out of my misery.”

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 13 Recap

Rome and Eddie are faced with a difficult situation when Gary reveals his desire to end his life with dignity as he battles Stage IV cancer. Rome recalls how Gary helped him overcome his own suicidal thoughts in the past, but recognizes the difference in the pain Gary is experiencing. Despite their discomfort with the idea, Rome agrees to keep Gary’s plan a secret from Maggie but insists on filming Gary explaining it to her in case it becomes necessary. They establish a code word, “Rutledge,” to indicate when it’s time for Gary to act on his plan.

However, in a moment of desperation, Rome and Eddie foolishly approach Kevin at his workplace and discuss the plan in a public area, causing Kevin to refuse their request for assistance due to the illegality of assisted suicide in Massachusetts. Although Kevin gives them a bag of gelatin snacks, Rome confronts him for “letting Gary down,” only to discover later that Kevin had secretly included the necessary medications in the bag. As the reality of the situation sets in, Rome seeks solace in his father’s arms while Eddie turns to Katherine for guidance. Their son, Theo, overhears their conversations and urges Eddie to help Gary, recognizing the difficulty of doing what’s right out of love.

Upon returning to the apartment, Delilah spends time with Gary while Maggie, Javi, Regina, Colin, and Greta are out. She embraces him in bed and emotionally expresses her love for him, assuring him of her unwavering support for his family in his absence. She expresses gratitude towards him for looking after her children during her absence and for motivating Eddie to pursue his feelings and rekindle their relationship. Subsequently, they indulge in some light-hearted humor related to flatulence. The behavior exhibited by Gary is consistent with his established brand image.

Subsequently, Maggie arrives at home, prepares a wheelchair, and declares that they will embark on a field trip. She proceeds to transport him to a fantasy hockey camp billboard situated on a nearby building, where Greta has inscribed “Gary Was Here” on top of the image, reminiscent of Gary’s gesture towards Maggie in the previous season. Gary is emotionally moved. Greta, Regina, Colin, and Javi observe as Maggie sits on her husband’s lap and they engage in a kiss. This subsequently intensifies the emotional impact of the succeeding scene. Upon their arrival, Eddie and Rome were found to be sitting in the apartment with solemn expressions. Upon receiving a gesture of approval from Gary, it has been communicated that they intend to present a video to Maggie. Gary informs her in the video that it is time, causing her to break down in uncontrollable tears.Million Little Things finale recap

The friends of Gary prepare for his demise in a heartbreaking scene. Maggie steps in and says she will be the one to serve Gary the adulterated tea after Regina bids a sorrowful farewell. Before departing to meet the rest of the gang at Katherine’s, Eddie and Rome flank their friend one more time.

In a touching moment, Gary plays one last prank on Maggie before taking a drink and passing away. Gary and Maggie spend one last time together back at the flat, playing one last practical joke on one another. In order to heighten the poignancy of the scenario, an acoustic rendition of “For Good” from Wicked is played in the background. Gary’s eyelids are closed as he sips his tea, and he stops responding to Maggie. She cries and assures him in a hushed voice that she and Javi will be OK. Colin is seen in a heartbreaking scene sprawled over Gary’s legs, appearing distraught and moaning in sorrow. This intense and moving scene serves as proof of the characters’ close relationship and the influence Gary had on their lives. The death of such a cherished character will undoubtedly have an impact on the show and its viewers for a long time.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Finale: Ending Explained!

The episode then jumps ahead 15 years to Javi’s 16th birthday, where we see how the Friends of Jon have fared. Gary’s voice is heard in a video message he recorded for Javi before his passing, reminding him that he will always be with his son. Gary’s voiceover takes us over the years, showing how the Friends of Jon have evolved. Maggie teaches Javi how to drive. To let Gary know she has a date, she pays a visit to his grave. Then we make our way to Rome and Regina’s, where the gang has gathered to toast Javi’s special day.

Rome is sporting a T-shirt from the Sophie Dixon concert. Sophie is carrying Tyrell’s baby. As performed by Lance Lim, Theo is a fully grown adult. Danny, who is accompanied by his husband, is a bleached blonde on top. The child of Greta and Katherine is a girl. Delilah and Eddie’s affection for one another has not waned. In the end, it appears that everyone is content. The episode ends with Javi and his friends taking a selfie at a Bruins game, just like the original four friends did in the pilot. Gary’s final words to Javi – “Have a beautiful life” – serve as a poignant reminder of the show’s themes of love, friendship, and the importance of living life to the fullest.

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