[Season Finale] The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 22 Recap: Welcome Shaun and Lea’s Baby & Thanks Jordan saving Perez’s life

Episode 22 of Season 6 of The Good Doctor barely touched on Lea (Paige Spara) giving birth. However, Shaun (Highmore) left to aid Asher in an unexpected operation and came back shortly thereafter for the delivery. Peanut was officially named before the end of the hour, new parents Shaun and Lea were overjoyed, and Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) extended a peace offering in the form of a present. In addition, the principal characters all survived the vehicle crash. The fact that Dr. Perez (Brandon Larracuente) departed St. Bonaventure alive and well rather than in a corpse bag came as a welcome surprise. The death of Perez was expected ever since it was revealed that Brandon Larracuente had signed on with another show and would be leaving The Good Doctor. Rather Dr. Jordan Kalu (Chuku Modu) saved Perez’s life despite being confronted with an ethical issue for a short period of time. Continue reading the recap at tvacute.com for a complete breakdown of what went on in The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 22.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Finale Recap

The episode opens with Shaun bringing a gown-clad Lea to the office and informing her that she will need to be hooked up to a fetal monitor. Dr. Daniel Perez is on his way to the operating room with a patient from a nursing home named Mr. Ermy, but they’ve been delayed due to fog. The emergency vehicle screeches to a halt as the tires screech and the phone goes silent. Jordan was on another end. The car’s driver’s leg is broken, but everyone else in the ambulance is fine; however, other vehicles have collided, and the victims appear to be in much worse shape. Jared rescues two young girls, Bee and Ella, who were trapped in the backseat. Perez is suddenly operating on a patient while perched on a car; a second vehicle, blinded by the fog, smashes into him.

After hearing the news that Lea is pregnant from Shaun, Dr. Aaron Glassman smiles and heads back into his flat. She couldn’t find a nanny, so Mommy Morgan brings her newborn to the hospital. Audrey calls a team meeting to inform them that multiple people, including Perez, have been injured in a car crash. When Perez finally comes in, he will find Jordan waiting expectantly. Perez has to have surgery, and before he does, he asks Jordan to pledge that he won’t use opioids again after Ella’s abdomen and chest procedures. Marcus and Audrey are examining an image of a patient’s head; he has never worked with a patient who suffered from an internal beheading.

When Lea checks her bag after Shaun returns with her, she finds four custom knit caps—one each for Peanut, Lea, Shaun, and Grandpa Glassy She tries to dial Glassman’s number, but Shaun says he already understands she’s in labor because he gathered everyone in his room and locked the door. Due to a spleen injury, Ella needs close observation. With Glassman’s input in mind, Audrey discusses one of her patients with him. Two hours, he says, are needed only to straighten the brain and spinal column. She requests that he would advise, saying that he doesn’t have to cut but that she really needs his aid because this case is very terrifying.

Lea has changed into hospital clothes, and the pain of her cramps is rising. Asher appears and asks Shaun for advice about his patient. Lea assures him that she will be OK despite the fact that he should already be in surgery. He nods and instructs Asher to get the operating room ready since a little girl needs his help during the operation. He then cautions Lea against carrying the pregnancy to term without him. Now that Perez has recovered from surgery, she insists that he take opioids despite his repeated denials. He requests that she merely hold his hand and discuss the evening’s meal.

Lea enters Glassman’s office and begs him to talk to Shaun, saying that she doesn’t want the two of them to continue fighting. For Shaun, today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Her water bursts suddenly in the middle of his office. When Gayle drops by to see Marcus, she breaks the news that the board has called an emergency meeting to discuss how to respond to the nurses’ campaign to form a union. He claims he is handling everything. That, according to her, is the issue. After a successful operation on Ella, her father collapses on the floor, and Shaun insists they rush him to an operating room.

Because of the severe agony, Perez’s blood pressure is rapidly falling; he is experiencing a hypertensive crisis and urgently needs Fentanyl. When Jordan suggests giving him medication, Jared objects; he then informs Jordan that he is fighting to maintain his sobriety. Jordan apologizes, then administers a painkiller shot to Perez. Ella’s dad is currently in the operating room, and according to Shaun, he has diminished fifty percent of his red blood cell volume due to prolonged under-refusing of his brain and is therefore dead. Asher is there with him and can’t believe they’ve lost him.

Marcus confides in Dalisay that he is worried about losing her to another man because of his career. While operating, Lim Audrey warns Glassman against harboring resentment toward Shaun. Perez has regained consciousness; he now understands that Jordan administered the medicine; she has apologized for not letting him die. Morgan is rocking her newborn baby in her office when Alex comes in and she announces that she is leaving her job because she is unable to give it the attention it requires while also caring for her daughter, Eden. Morgan vows that she will never again put her career ahead of her family and friends.

Shaun leads Ella’s mother into a room where she finds her husband resting comfortably on a bed. She claims he was simply here and she has no idea what to tell her daughters. Shaun says he worried about his brother Steve’s survival after he passed away because he had always been the one to look after him. Steve had found someone else to love and care for him, but that person may soon pass away as well. It’s painful to watch the ones you love walk away, but she’ll be fine since she has no option. When we lose someone we care about, we must find the strength to carry on for the sake of our other loved ones. He tells her he’s going to have a baby right now, so she can take her time.

When Shaun arrives to check on Lea, he notices that the interval between her contractions has shortened to about two minutes. Lea wants more time, so she invites Shaun to bed and confesses her fear. He reassures her that her worries are normal. He assures her that everything will be fine—at least, he hopes–and that he can’t wait to see their son. Mr. Ermy informs Alex that returning home would make him happy because he loves the people there, especially Martha. Alex gives him his phone and tells him to call her.

Jordan visits Perez in the hospital, and the patient believes Jordan made the right call after reviewing his medical history, but he will need a lot of care to get better. And he must return to Texas to be with his loved ones there. She admits that it was difficult knowing that she might lose him after administering the medicine. He insists that they postpone leaving until beyond their planned date. Lea is giving birth, and they need to use suction to remove the baby. If she needs him, Shaun says, all she has to do is grip his hand. A little more work and their son will be here. Lea assures Shaun that he doesn’t appear to be an alien. Stunning, in the words of Shaun. Shaun cutting the umbilical cord. As Shaun meets his son for the first time, he sheds a tear of joy.

When Morgan is getting ready for her trip to the office, Alex stops by to reassure her that she doesn’t have to face this challenge on her own, that she is the reason he gets out of bed in the morning, and that he wants to face any challenges they face as a family. She gives him a kiss and a declaration of love before giving him the infant. While on their date with Jordan in his room, Perez repeatedly tells Jordan how grateful he is to her for saving his life. She assures him everything will turn out well. He admits that he will miss her greatly.

Audrey takes her patient outside because, as Glassman points out, the fresh air and sunlight are good for the patient’s mental health. Audrey gives her a look and says her family is on the way and would really appreciate a grin. After receiving a text from Shaun and Lea, Audrey texts Glassman to see if he’d want to see the new addition to their family. He is committed to an extended stay. Audrey warns him not to let his heartbreak over the surgery cause him to give up on love altogether. Then the sufferer breaks into a broad grin. Marcus has decided to leave his position.

When Shaun enters Lea’s room and asks Audrey if Dr. Glassman will be there soon, Audrey is at a loss for words. Suddenly, Aaron Glassman enters the room bearing a gift and discovers that photographs are being taken. Even if he doesn’t enter, he nevertheless leaves the gift. Shaun opens the package to find a baby blanket with his name inscribed on it. Lea tells Shaun that he knows them both, in response to his question about how he knew their son was going to be named Steve. Steve Aaron Murphy, this blanket was a gift from your grandfather, Shaun tells their newborn as he wraps him in it.

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