[Season Finale] SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10

On Nov 20, 2022, the final episode of Season 6 of SEAL Team aired on Paramount+. there were some very incredible moments in this episode. The members of the Bravo Team were forced to put their lives in danger in order to escape the Middle East, and once they get back to the United States, they had to come to terms with a catastrophic circumstance.  After Clay Spencer’s death, there were few moments of reflection his passing absolutely rocked Bravo to its very core. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10 continue reading at tvacute.com.

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SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

Despite returning from Mali, Clay Spenser was never supposed to be involved in that ambush, which is why he isn’t present today. He ought to have been at home with his loved ones. Instead, he was keeping an eye on us with Bravo Team. In this episode, one of the most emotional scenes was Clay’s funeral. It was really sad and heartbreaking.

Jason and company solved the issue straight away, picking up where last week left off with Bravo’s exfil shot down by a rocket and the crew stranded on a bombed-out street as tangoes arrived. As directed, Jay and Omar went to the downed helicopter while Sonny and Trent went to find a car, with Ray and Brock acting as overwatch/snipers. One pilot was unharmed and breathing when Jay and Omar arrived at the helicopter. Things became very tense when Sonny and Trent were tied down only a few feet from a group of bad guys. Sonny almost went rogue to pick a battle he (and probably others) would undoubtedly lose, but Ray talked him out of it. When the majority of the bad guys fled, Bravo cleared the remaining battlefield and gathered at the helicopter. Sonny whipped out a backup medical bag he had been carrying beneath his vest ever since Clay almost died in Mali since the female pilot there was in immediate need of care.

Since Bravo couldn’t make it to Clay’s burial in time, they convened at his grave instead, where Ray briefed everyone on the events leading up to Clay’s passing. Ray responded, “I hope he makes the most of them,” in response to Sonny’s question, “What’s that vet going to do with the years that Clay won’t get?” Sonny recalled, “all those times you swim buddy me and I left you unprotected to the sharks” during a little time alone the team gave him and Clay. Sonny said, “I’m going to look out for Stella and Brian, don’t you worry about them. I’ll make good on the promise I made after Clay was injured in Mali.” Stella herself then made her way to Sonny’s side and said that the burial could not be postponed due to Command’s uncertainty on the length of Bravo. Stella acknowledged that she wasn’t quite ready to confront all those memories just yet when Sonny asked her to a send-off they were having at the Bulkhead.

SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10

Mandy and Omar first met at the Bulkhead event, where Clay’s father Ash poked fun at Jason for “having a funeral today” for his son but tomorrow receiving the Navy Cross for saving Clay’s life. That’s rather ironic, right? However, once the guys calmed down and Jason admitted that he also thinks the arrangement is “bulls-t,” Clay’s picture was displayed next to Swanny’s, where Ash commented that Bravo provided Clay with the family and support he was unable to provide.

Lisa arrived at the Bulkhead, where she immediately responded to Sonny’s newest criticism that she wasn’t doing enough to uphold Bravo’s standards: Col. Decker, the battle space commander, neglected to switch the communications channels as frequently as he should have, which allowed SGS to listen in and learn that Bravo was approaching, which caused Mali to go awry. Additionally, the oversight was being covered up as Decker was set to be promoted to brigadier general. Later on, though, Sonny went looking for Decker in a packie parking lot, where he eventually knocked him out with one blow. “Colonel, you’re awful at security. At least this time, nobody perished.

The Navy Cross ceremony for Jason happened the next day, and Stella dismissed his reservations. She said, “If you hadn’t saved Clay that day, I would have spent even less time with my husband and he would never have had the opportunity to be a parent, which he loved so much. “I’m here to see you acknowledged for giving it to us, and I never took a second of that time for granted.” (As I relive that interaction, my eyes start to water for the hundredth time.) In the meanwhile, Blackburn informed Davis that Decker had been attacked the previous evening by a person who knew him, and if the assailant had been a member of the military, there would be severe consequences. After noticing Sonny’s damaged knuckles, Lisa went to sit with him and smiled as she held his hand.

SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10


After giving a moving speech on Jason’s bravery, Blackburn asked the recipient of the Navy Cross to speak briefly. And he did speak! Jason said that..

Clay Spenser may have gotten home from Mali, but he’s not here today because of that ambush, an ambush that he never should have been a part of. He should have been home with his family. Instead, he was with Bravo Team, watching our backs. ‘Cause he knew that I was compromised. So, while Clay was watching his team’s back, I was watching my own back, worried that Command would discover what this war has done to my head. TBI. I hid my traumatic brain injury… and Clay Spenser paid the ultimate price for it. So much for, uh, disregard for my personal safety. Clay Spenser tried to change the military’s outdated views on TBI, but he was told to stand down. So today, I’m picking up that fight for him, because this war machine has to stop ignoring this problem and start protecting the protectors. I don’t know if coming clean is gonna change anything, but… hell, if it saves the next guy, then maybe I’ll be a different kind of hero. Like my brother… Clay Spenser.

After Jason made his statement, there was a montage that led viewers to believe that everything had gone wrong. Stella was seen removing a picture of Clay with Bravo. Ray took down the entrance area’s placard for their vet clinic. And Cerberus and Jason were spotted running into the water and plunging in while submerged. But when Stella re-hung the Bravo photo in Brian’s nursery to keep an eye on him, we realized what was actually going on. Ray changed the sign and renamed his and Naima’s building Spenser House (aww!). Jason came out of the water.

We then hurried to a conference room where Blackburn and other supervisors were calling Jason to account for what he had said in the open. Blackburn declared, “You made one heck of a mess, and we had no option but to stand you down. Ray stopped the proceedings to “amend” his character witness statement by admitting that he has had PTS ever since his abduction. As Blackburn was dismissing Ray’s gesture and the argument he believed it would support, EVERYBODY entered the room, including Sonny, Brock, Trent, Omar, and twenty other operators, each of whom described what hinders them. headaches almost constantly. Tinnitus. Breacher’s condition is being unable to sleep fuzzy vision Memory problems. Your choice.  Ray sat next to Jason and said, “Thanks, brother.” What’s command going to do, withdraw all our birds, Ray scoffed? As you taught me, boss dog: constantly work to enhance your fighting stance.

The End


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