[Season Finale] ‘BMF’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Is Terry Dead?

In the ‘BMF’ Season 2, Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.and Terry (Da’Vinchi ) have accomplished their lifelong goals. Their days of poverty are over, as their commercial acumen made BMF successful even before they expanded beyond Detroit. Even if it took force or fire to earn the city’s respect, they did it. In time, the Flenory brothers were able to go out and establish themselves in places like Cleveland and Atlanta. In theBMF‘ Season 2 finale [episode 10], we saw Meech and Terry are ready to take their business to the next level. but they have a few obstacles and loose ends to take care of first. Meech and Terry also devise a plan to steal gun B-Mickie’s from Detective Bryant (Steve Harris), but when the detective’s son Kevin gets his hands on the weapon, things go from bad to worse for both sides. Despite this, the episode concludes with Meech relocating to Atlanta in pursuit of more BMF expansion.  (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of ‘BMF’ Season 2 Episode 10, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

‘BMF’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

'BMF' S2E10

Charles (Russell Hornsby)had an affair with Mabel, a church member, instead of Lucille. In light of this, Lucille is thinking about filing for divorce; yet, she is eager to have absolutely no more contact with him at the present time. In addition, Nicole now sees her father in a different light, which has led her to question whether or not love can ever do any good. There was just a redeeming moment for Charles this season: when he offered money to Meech and Terry before they left for Georgia.

Meech and Terry spent the entire season looking for a means to kill Lamar, but they were unsuccessful. Lamar Silas (Eric Kofi-Abrefa), on the other hand, appeared to have a field day having a devastating impact on the Flenory brothers. In an ambush at the medical soon after, Lamar fired Meech and eventually destroyed him. While Meech and Terry were out, he paid a frighteningly unexpected visit to Lucille (Michole Briana White ), and he almost assaulted the boys again before they fled to Atlanta.

No one was surprised when it became a clear season that B- Mickie’s would not finish happily. B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) was forced to cooperate with Detective Bryant for the majority of Season 2 after the latter discovered the gun he had used to murder Jay Mo and Kato. Bryant threatened B-Mickie with the double murder, forcing B-Mickie to provide Bryant data on BMF, specifically Meech. Bryant took on more than he could handle, and in the season finale, we saw that Meech and the remainder of BMF devised a plot to remove the pistol from his hands. While this is a sound strategy, Bryant’s son Kevin’s action throws a monkey wrench into the works.

Meech deserves most of the credit for BMF’s success in terms of where they started and where they concluded. He combined the 12 Street Boys and the 50 Boyz to become BMF. He talked the city’s top K-9 connection into teaming up with them and supplying them with the merchandise. The situation in Detroit had gotten dire, so he left for Atlanta and brought back a fresh batch of cocaine. Because of Meech, the crew became the most powerful in Detroit and had the resources to grow by establishing ties to the Colombian cartel.

'BMF' 2x10 finale Recap

Goldie’s decision to turn off the life support for her sister, who was deteriorating rapidly due to the effects of AIDS, was the most emotionally charged moment of the episode. It was clear that Monique gave an outstanding performance at this moment since her acting was really impressive and made the scene stand out.

However, it appeared that B-Mickie had won over the hearts and minds of the BMF, even those who had previously mistrusted him because of his association with Bryant. Yet, Sterling recounts B-Mickie’s with Detective Veronica Jin (Kelly Hu) to Meech, portraying the incident as though B-Mickie is still cooperating with law enforcement. B-Mickie tried to encourage Jin to turn herself in for the double killings, but he told her to kick rocks. But that’s the thing: BMF has no idea that this is the situation. And thus, as a final act, Meech informs B-Mickie that he is no longer a member of BMF.

'BMF' S2E10


The death of Monique, however, was the final straw for Meech. He finds Lamar and, armed with a revolver, approaches him, but ultimately decides to kill him slowly.  Meech is beginning to realize himself as a result of the fact that he did not kill Lamar and that he does not want to kill anyone simply for the thrill of it.  Instead, Lamar is ego as he continues to spiral farther into the rabbit hole of his own drug habit. At the end of Season 2, Lamar is seen under a city bridge, looking for more of that narcotic. Even though Meech and Terry had a going away party, the risks that Meech and Terry faced continued to follow them.

'BMF' S2E10 Terry Dead

Season two of BMF featured some development for Terry. As soon as he joined the group, everybody saw a difference. Terry was a crucial part of finalizing the arrangement between BMF and their new Colombian contact and serving as the group’s secondary enforcer. Though he made several mistakes, including almost getting himself, Meech, and the others jailed for possessing the stuff, we all recognized that Terry was and is a crucial part of the team. Now that Meech has gone to Atlanta to set up shop, his worth will rise as he is left in command of operations in Detroit. And the season 2 finale ended on a cliffhanger. Terry was shot.

The second season finale of BMF wraps up some loose ends by having Detective Bryant fall in exchange for the gun he’s been holding over the head B-Mickie as he killed Jay Mo and Kato. It turns out that Meech disposes of Lamar for good, but not in the way anyone would have guessed. As Meech leaves Detroit to build a name for BMF in Atlanta, he is confident in his abilities as a hustler and businessman, having accomplished what he set out to do. But the daily grind continues unabated. BMF Season 2 was a huge step up from Season 1 in terms of storytelling, plot development, and a character-driven narrative that maintained my attention throughout the entire season. Season 3 of BMF can’t come soon enough! This week’s BMF not only left me satisfied with the season’s overall narrative arcs but also intrigued for what’s to come. Goldie’s emotional scene in the show comes when she had to turn off her sister’s life support because of the rapid decline in her health brought on by AIDS. The fact that Meech forbade B-Mickie to ever again join BMF was also a sad development. It was a tough call, but ultimately one I could not hold against him.

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