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(Season Finale) AHS Delicate Episode 9 Preview: “The Auteur”

American Horror Story 12x09

As the season-ending of American Horror Story: Delicate approaches, fans are tense and can’t wait to find out how the strange story ends. Episode 8 had shocking reveals and strange turns that left viewers reeling. This set the stage for the big fight in Episode 9, “The Auteur.”  Episode 8 of AHS: Delicate looks at Mia Farrow’s life while she was making Rosemary’s Baby in 1967. We also see how people in modern-day Manhattan deal with Virginia’s funeral Siobhan’s creepy presence, and Anna’s situation getting worse. (read the recap below)


As the season comes to a close on American Horror Story: Delicate, Anna (Emma Roberts) is at a crossroads because the decisions she made without realizing it have dangerous results. The summary for “The Auteur” hints that Anna’s decisions will have deadly results, which makes for an exciting ending. As Anna deals with the effects of what she did, viewers can expect shocking turns and discoveries.

“The Auteur” is the name of Anna’s movie in the series, which makes it sound like it will be very important in the ending. Figuring out what the movie means and how it relates to the evil forces at play will be very important to the season’s main plot. The finale episode written by Halley Feiffer and directed by John J. Gray.

 AHS Delicate Episode 9 Preview

The preview for the season finale gives viewers a sneak peek at the powerful and scary events that are to come.  The preview starts with a scene of Anna getting ready to give birth, which sets the scene for a major and possibly life-threatening event.  Anna is approached by a mysterious group that wants her to join them. Anna talks to Siobhan in a tense situation and tells her she won’t do it. In response, Siobhan, who stands for the evil forces at play, says in a scary voice that it is “feeding time.” Her words imply a bad plan that puts Anna and her baby in danger. Siobhan says she is “so much worse” than a monster, which is more proof of who she is.

As the season finale of American Horror Story: Delicate gets closer, fans can look forward to an exciting end to Anna’s scary trip. Anna has to face the darkness inside and around her because her baby’s life and her own health are at risk. Will she be saved, or will she give in to the terrible things that are waiting for her?

American Horror Story 12×09 Synopsis – Her choices have unknowingly led to deadly consequences, but Anna can still have it all – for a price. Written by Halley Feiffer; directed by John J. Gray.

American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 9 Release Date

For diehard viewers excitedly anticipating the upcoming episode 8 of AHS Delicate will premiere on Wednesday, April 24, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX. FX, and the next day you can watch it on Hulu. Also on FX Now

American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 8 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Mia Farrow, played by herself, is filming Rosemary’s Baby, a part that would make or break her career and her personal life. An uncredited actor plays her then-husband Frank Sinatra, who shows up out of the blue and talks to her about her job choices. He even threatens to divorce her if she doesn’t quit the movie. This sets the stage for a tense and dramatic scene in which Mia sees a baby devil in her mind, a hint at the evil forces at work.

At the same time, in present-day Manhattan, Dex  (Matt Czuchry) and his family are at Virginia’s funeral when the controversial Ms. Preecher walks in and says Virginia was killed. This makes the already sad event even more mysterious and tense. Still upset about her own problems, Anna follows Ms. Preecher to the hospital and gets a vague message about her future.

Anna is getting ready for the Oscars, where she is up for Best Actress, when she gets the shocking news that she is pregnant. Cora, Dr. Hill’s receptionist, tells a frightening truth about the women who work for him that makes it seem like they are up to no good with Anna’s baby. Because of this news, Anna kicks Dex out of their house, which is a big turning point in their relationship.

Anna’s life takes a strange turn at the Oscars ceremony, which is the end of the show. Anna is confronted by the mysterious and strong Siobhan, who gives her a choice that could change everything. Anna’s victory speech is cut short by a vision of her mother. This makes her think about the things she has given up and the dark forces that seem to be controlling her life.

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