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AHS: Delicate Episode 6 Recap: Opening Night

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The latest episode of “American Horror Story: Delicate” part two keeps showing how Emma Roberts‘s character, Anna Victoria Alcott, has a very strange past. The episode goes into more detail about Anna’s past and her struggles as a mother, which makes her character more complicated. The flashback to Anna’s birth and her mother’s sad death is one of the best parts of the show.

AHS: Delicate Episode 6 Recap

In 1988, in White Plains, New York, a woman gives birth to a girl named Anna. This is shown at the beginning of the episode. Sad to say, the mother dies soon after giving birth from a pulmonary embolism, so her father takes care of Anna. These moving past events prepare us for how complicated Anna is as a person and the strange things that happen in the present.

In the present, Anna is still dealing with how she feels about Babette’s death, which was a competition. Siobhan tells Anna that Babette’s death might hurt Anna’s chances of getting an Oscar, which adds a level of competition and ambition to the story. Anna is still asked to talk at Babette’s funeral, and she does so with a moving speech that wins over everyone there. This shows how well she can control and captivate those around her.

In this episode of “American Horror Story: Delicate,” Anna’s life gets even worse and more crazy. As she follows a black cat outside, she finds another doll that has been cut up, adding to the strange things that are happening in her life. The cat’s bite when she tries to pick it up is a sign of the evil forces at work. When she gets back home, she faces the toys and animal body she has been keeping, which suggests that she is mentally ill or under the influence of something evil.

At the same time, the episode shows Dex’s troubled family past, especially how he feels about his father. Although Dex’s father is shown to be less than ideal, he doesn’t care about his mother’s mental health and tells him that her “craziness” will soon go away.  This event gives Dex more complexity as a person and suggests that his family has had some problems in the past.

Nicolette, Anna’s old nurse, shows up again and gives her another doll, which makes it seem like there is a scary message behind all the strange events. Anna’s mental health gets worse when she sees claws and goats while swimming in the pool and has hallucinations. She goes to Dex to feel better, but instead of telling him what’s going on, she says she’s sorry for what she did. The wounds on her stomach, which she thought were just dreams at first, turn out to be real, giving the supernatural parts of the story a scary new twist.

Anna starts to worry more and more as Dex’s art opening gets closer, and she wonders why there aren’t any security cams in the basement. She confronts Talia, Dex’s ex-wife, about lying, and she has a scary experience with the woman from the Gotham Awards that she thought was dead.

Anna is feeling uneasy at the art opening because of things going on around her, like a picture that makes her think of baby cries. She runs into Ivy, Sonja, Talia, and Nicolette, who all look like they are part of a bad plan.

AHS: Delicate Episode 6 Recap: Ending Explained!

At the end of the show.Dex finds his mother’s bloody body in his bathtub.  There is also the message “I TRIED TO WARN YOU” written in lipstick on a nearby mirror. This finding adds to the list of strange deaths and events that have been happening all season.

Also, news comes out that the director director of “The Auteur” seems to have killed himself. His body is discovered after he burns the script as a sign and tells everyone that he is going to tell the press their secrets. It is not made clear how he actually kills himself. This new information makes the people and what they’re doing even more unsettling and mysterious. Anna is shocked and starts to wonder if she is crazy after these events. When she starts to think about leaving Hollywood, the people around her, especially Siobhan, slap her and remind her of how hard it is for women to work in the business.

Ana calls a number she was given at the end of the show and hears it ring in the restaurant. That makes the season even more mysterious and exciting: Preecher answers the phone and tells her not to say anything.

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