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American Horror Story Season 12, Episode 2: Who is ‘Nurse Ivy’?

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Enter the mysterious world of American Horror Story: Delicate, where every episode weaves a web of terror and surprises. The second episode, “Rockabye,” delves further into the unpleasant journey of a lady who is about to become a mother, named Anna Victoria Alcott. In a story that combines elements of the paranormal with psychological intrigue, the episode leaves viewers with unanswered concerns. Let’s examine the intriguing events of this chapter and learn more about the enigmatic figure known as “Nurse Ivy.”

American Horror Story Season 12, Episode 2 Recap

In American Horror Story: Delicate’s second part, we follow Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts) as she navigates the challenging challenges of becoming a mother. The previous episode, “Multiply Thy Pain,” ends with Anna being shown surveillance footage that implies she might be dreaming about the intrusion she felt. This is where the episode starts. Unexpected turns appear as she manages the difficulties in her personal and professional lives.

Joy and anxiousness meet as Anna finds out she is pregnant. Her agent, Siobhan Corbyn (Kim Kardashian), views this as a chance to improve Anna’s reputation and proposes enigmatic B12 shots. And yet, warnings appear on mirrors, and a broken reflection occurs during a performance of Madonna’s “Sooner or Later.” An actress who is a competitor steals the show during the Gotham Awards, and it is revealed that Anna’s stalker is not someone she should have kept a secret.

After Anna experiences weird happenings in the Hamptons, which result in a heartbreaking miscarriage, the show takes a dark turn. An air of intrigue is added by the inclusion of a character called Nurse Ivy (Cara Delevingne), particularly after it is discovered that the hospital is devoid of any nurse with that name. The story makes us doubt reality and makes it difficult to distinguish between the supernatural and hallucinations.

AHS: Delicate Episode 2: Who is “Nurse Ivy”?

The identity of Nurse Ivy is one of the main mysteries of Episode 2. The doctor says there isn’t a nurse like Nurse Ivy on duty, but Anna thinks she had an ultrasound done by her. This disparity begs the disquieting questions: Was there an ultrasound at all, or are the contradicting accounts due to something darker?

The tale gains an exciting dimension with the arrival of Nurse Ivy. Anna’s interactions with this enigmatic character align with significant junctures in the narrative, ranging from the unnerving toilet experience to the devastating disclosure of her miscarriage. As we investigate whether Nurse Ivy is a paranormal force, something more evil, or just Anna’s imagination, the subject of her identity becomes increasingly important.

The suspense in American Horror Story is increased by Nurse Ivy’s role in Episode 2, especially considering the show’s tendency to tell complex and frequently confusing stories. Her presence is left up to speculation, which adds to the general disquiet that permeates the series in the absence of a clear explanation.

The entire mystique of the episode is enhanced by its thematic aspects, which range from the broken mirror to the unexplained happenings in the Hamptons. As the audience struggles to make sense of what is happening, Nurse Ivy’s mysterious and complex persona becomes increasingly important, adding to the suspenseful and terrifying web.


American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 2 is a crucial part of Anna’s turbulent journey, and it continues to captivate viewers with its unique blend of horror, psychological suspense, and supernatural mystery. The intricate storyline and Nurse Ivy’s enigmatic presence combine to produce an immersive experience that grips viewers from start to finish.

The episode’s examination of pregnancy, celebrity, and the fuzziness of the boundaries between the supernatural and reality adds depth to the plot. The unanswered mysteries about Nurse Ivy create a mouthwatering hook that makes viewers eagerly anticipate the following episode as they search for the solutions to the mystery this character carries.

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 2 leaves us feeling excited and eager for more information about the strange world where the commonplace meets the extraordinary. The mystery surrounding Nurse Ivy’s presence lingers as we follow Anna’s story’s turns and turns, suggesting that the horrors of Delicate are far from ended.

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