AHS Delicate finale

In “The Auteur,” the season finale of American Horror Story: Delicate, Anna has to deal with the results of her choices as everything comes to a head. Here is a full summary of what happens in this exciting episode:


The first scene of the episode shows a woman crying at a group therapy session for women who are having trouble getting pregnant. Anne and Siobhan meet and become friends. Siobhan tells Anna how to get in touch with Dr. Hill.


Today, Anna (Emma Roberts) is led off the stage after getting her Oscar and starts to give birth. She calls her husband Dex (Matt Czuchry) and asks Siobhan how she knew she would win. Anna doesn’t want Dex to be there, but she lets him ride in the ambulance. There is no doctor on this ambulance ride, though, so something is wrong. The person from Anna’s past named Ivy is driving the ambulance and kills Anna’s security guard. Dex tries to help Anna give birth, but the thing she is giving birth to cuts off his hand.


In the past, Siobhan talks with Dr. Hill and makes a deal with him. In exchange for him doing what she says, she says she will send him rich patients. She says that she makes her own rules, Siobhan.


Today, the ambulance pulls over in a shed a long way from the city. Ana screams as Ivy puts Dex’s hand in his mouth. In the future, Anna is on a bed when the women in black come up to her and tell her to push. She gives birth, but she can’t hold her child. Ivy tells her that she picked the Oscar over her baby, which makes it sound like they traded places. Anna tries to get her baby back but is hit in the back and can’t move.

Anna wakes up surrounded by women. The women tell her that they hire perfect women who want everything for their mission, but they don’t say what the goal is yet. Siobhan thinks Anna’s inability to move is because she tried to take back the baby. You can join them and get their gifts of youth and beauty, or you can end up like Preecher. Also, Siobhan tells a shocking truth: she slept with Dex’s dad and is actually Dex’s mom. She gave birth to the most powerful vessel of all time, and it is Siobhan and Dex’s child. Siobhan gives Anna the baby and tells her that she will join them if she holds him.

Siobhan kills Ivy for killing Dex in a nursery for demons where Anna is taken. Siobhan tells them that she saved Dex’s reproductive parts so that she and the women, including Anna, can keep making creatures to save people. Their goal is to set up a matriarchy at all costs. Siobhan says she is the Auteur and that she is in charge of everything. As she feeds the baby with her claws, the mother bears the pain as the baby bites her and drinks blood. Siobhan tells Anna that being a mother is both painful and beautiful. She says that they will always be together because of their blood.

The spirit of her dead twin sister Adeline helps her do this. Anna starts to say a prayer that Adeline who is was saying in her restaurant while she is by herself with the baby. Adeline shows up to her in white and tells her that only light can beat the darkness. Their singing starts to hurt Siobhan. The mirror breaks, Siobhan is killed, and the creature baby goes away. Anna is no longer unable to move. The room is all white, and there is a normal baby crying in a crib next to her. After killing the spider, she picks up the child. She hears whispers and looks around to see that she still has Oscar and her baby. Anna has everything she needs.

In the end, Anna was able to beat the evil that was around her and come out on top. She is happy and has her baby and Oscar. Anna is surrounded by light at the end of the show, which represents her victory over the dark forces that tried to control her.

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