SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Release Date + Photos “Keys To Heaven”

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Photos

The midseason premiere of SEAL Team on Sunday delves deep into the Bravo team’s relationships as they embark on one of the most dangerous missions yet. along with this, Sonny explored various ways to deal with his anger issues, and Stella finally revealed a secret from back home. continue reading the episode 11 recap. Fans are now eager to discover more about the new episode of SEAL Team. ( Here’s all you need to know about SEAL Team Season 5’s eleventh episode, including the trailer and release date.

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13 Release Date

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Recap

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Spoilers

As SEAL Team Season 5 draws to a close, the pressure is building. In the new episode titled “Keys to Heaven”, “Jason must confront his innermost fears on the road to rehabilitation, while Clay and Sonny are forced to take matters into their own hands.” you’ll notice that Jason has been suffering from serious memory loss of late, and his loved ones are noticing.

It looks like it will be a big one for Jason Hayes. I think it’s safe to say that Jason is at a very dangerous point. He can’t trust himself to do the right thing. A TBI is making it difficult for him to make good decisions. He’s also done things in the past that have put other people on Bravo Team in danger, so he can’t make good decisions now.

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Photos

Jason is seen carrying a gun, questioning critical moments in his life, and attempting to cope with what has transpired in a trailer for the episode that was recently released. Clay goes on a mission with Jason and the rest of the squad, leaving his sick son’s bedside because he’s afraid of what might happen. Here’s a look at the forthcoming episode’s trailer.

SEAL Team Episode 5.12 Synopsis:  Jason must confront his deepest fears on the road to healing while Clay and Sonny are forced to take certain matters into their own hands. WRITTEN BY: Dana Greenblatt & Kenny Sheard DIRECTED BY: Loren Yaconelli

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Photos

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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Release Date

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 will release on Sunday, January 9 on Paramount+.  (Episodes will be available on Paramount+ at 3a/2c.) Previous seasons of the SEAL team are now available to stream if you want to catch up. If you prefer to view the episodes online, you can do so via CBS’ official website, CBS App, or Paramount+. Online viewing options include Direct TV, Pluto TV, Fubo TV, Hulu+Live TV, Xfinity Stream, and YouTube TV. On-demand versions of the episodes are also available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

After two weeks, the team is still not working well together. The ops base is bursting at the seams with drama. Jason is avoiding Clay, and Clay is avoiding Jason. Clay tries to communicate with Jason, but he is told to stay the fuck away from him. Ray is skeptical when Clay tells him about it until he hears Jason conducting a memory exercise. He promises Clay that they would work together to keep the squad safe, but they go on a mission, and Jason discovers what they’re up to.

He pulls Ray out on it, but Ray maintains he didn’t mean it that way. Later, Jason notices the two of them plotting against him and decides to intervene. Clay calls home to hear that his son’s lungs have made him strong enough to be held. Sonny and Davis are at odds because Sonny believes Davis is to responsible for Hannah’s decision to return to Texas and abandon him. Davis advises him to examine himself in the mirror before repeating such antics. She claims she hasn’t bothered with him since she’s focused on placing herself back in a stronger command position following recent occurrences. Sonny looks disgruntled and walks away.

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