School of Chocolate Season 1: Release Date | Trailer | Eight Contestants

school of chocolate season 1

Netflixs original series School of Chocolate will leave you awestruck by the pastry creations and chocolate showpieces showcased throughout its first season which will air on Friday, November 26! You’ve found the best spot to acquire the School of Chocolate Season 1; synopsis and trailer at

As the show’s title implies, one of the series’ most important features is that it serves as a learning environment for its participants. They’ll acquire methods of the trade over the course of eight episodes that will improve not just their knowledge of pastry and chocolate, but also their talents.

They’ll be taught by Amaury Guichon, a world-renowned chocolatier who utilizes the sweet treat to create breathtaking realistic art, such as a lighthouse or a candelabra with a surprise buried inside. Each contender will participate in challenges that will extend their imagination and understanding of what they can produce using chocolate as their medium under his leadership.

One of the eight chefs will be chosen ‘Best in Class at the end of School of Chocolate and receive $50,000 to establish their own small business and pave the path for the next stage in their career. Chef Guichon’s pastry academy in Las Vegas will also host an international master class.

Contestants from the School of Chocolate Season 1

Amanda is a culinary instructor, Stephanie, a pastry chef in a hotel, Executive pastry chef Thiago, Executive pastry chef Juan, Chef de cuisine Cedrick, Mellisa is the proprietor of a restaurant and the executive pastry chef, Chef de cuisine Tyricia, Daniel, pastry chef and chocolatier, Trailer for School of Chocolate,

The following is a trailer for the baking competition:

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