Rick and Morty 2022: The Halloween Special on October

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 - Rick and Morty stuck in space

The Halloween special for Rick and Morty reveals a surprise for October. Even though new episodes of Rick And Morty won’t air until later in November, the Adult Swim powerhouse is still releasing a brand-new frightening short to help people celebrate Halloween. The upcoming Claymation short will once again be made by animator Lee Hardcastle and has revealed a release date as well as an explanation of what Adult Swim fans can anticipate when the special is released. We (tvacute.com) have all the information you need here.  This follows a number of Claymation shorts that parodied both horror films and Hollywood blockbusters alike.

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Along with classics like The Thing, The Fly, Halloween, Poltergeist, Re-Animator, and Gremlins, Hardcastle’s numerous Rick And Morty films also poked fun at other Hollywood blockbusters, such Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, E.T., The Matrix, Blade Runner, and others. Although there hasn’t yet been a “Halloween episode” of the main series, people who appreciate the new Claymation interpretations of the main characters in the Adult Swim series will be happy to learn of this. Despite the fact that each of these shorts would last a few seconds, it appears that Hardcastle’s next special may have a substantially longer overall run time.

Rick and Morty Halloween Episode Details

Rick and Morty 2022: The Halloween Special on 30th October. The “Summer’s Sleepover” Halloween short from Rick and Morty is officially described as follows: In Lee Hardcastle’s surreal horror short, an unexpected guest makes Summer’s overnight party more interesting.

While Hardcastle’s work on these distinctive Adult Swim films may be most well-known, the animator first came to prominence with the anthology film The ABCs of Death and a parody of John Carpenter’s The Thing in which the extraterrestrial monster mingled with the endearing world of Pingu.

The next new episode of Rick and Morty will be broadcast on Adult Swim on Sunday, November 20. This means that watchers of Season 6 on Cartoon Network will have to wait a few more weeks before seeing new episodes. Naturally, you have some time to catch up on the most recent Smith Family escapades if you haven’t already.

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