Recap : The Good Doctor Episode 301 – Why did he tells the date was such a “disaster”?

The Good Doctor Episode 301 Disaster that premiered on Monday .We saw Shaun start his First date with Carly. “It’s not simply somebody who has syndrome experiencing their first date.” While on his date with Carly, Shaun tells her a joke. But he may not have exactly nailed the timing.

Everyone goes a first date and thinks, ‘I don’t quite I ought to behave.Same the case of Shaun he jumped out of his seat and accidentally sent a bottle of wine flying… however miraculously caught it. Later, he interrupted Carly as she was discussing her tense relationship together with her father to inform a joke… however managed to urge fun.

Finally, he saw a fellow patron on his resolution, knocked her to the bottom and injured her shoulder.

At the tip of the night, Shaun walked Carly home and got a goodnight kiss.

Shaun has been telling everyone that his date with Carly was a disaster. But the pieces of the date he’s told them about don’t seem to be terrible — it even ended with a kiss. But Shaun explains that is was ‘exhausting…uncomfortable,’ and that everything felt like it was out of control.

Dr. Glassman has been working at a small hospital, but he soon gets an offer from Aoki that would be a significant title bump: She wants him to come back and take on the role of President.

The Good Doctor Episode 301 returns on Monday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c on ABC

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