Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7: Halloween-themed episode

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7-

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7 will release on October 31, 2022. Ben leaps into Father James Davenport’s body to learn how to exorcise. In 1934, Maryland, dead bodies will be involved.

Three decades after Scott Bakula’s Sam Beckett fell into the accelerator, the NBC sci-fi drama is set in the present. A fresh team restarts the experiment and learns more about the machine and its creator. Quantum Leap stars Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song, Caitlin Bassett, Ernie Hudson, Mason Alexander Park, and Nanrisa Lee. The reboot is significantly like its predecessor after five episodes. Even if it transforms history and explores new territory, the new Quantum Leap focuses on Sam Beckett. The sci-fi drama contains individual stories in which Ben jumps into strangers and helps them.  www.tvacute.com has brought more information about the Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7 for you which you can check below.

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Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7 Spoilers

“O Ye of Little Faith” is the title of a new episode. Even the habitual leaper Ben (played by Raymond Lee) gets into the spirit of Halloween by leaping into the body of a priest who has come to the assistance of a family that is going through some strange occurrences. Ben attempts to solve the mystery by combining his religious beliefs with his scientific knowledge. It is hinted that there will also be dead bodies involved in this 1934 event in Maryland.

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7 Synopsis: Ben leaps into a priest who has been called to assist a family in crisis on Halloween night. As he delves into mysterious and inexplicable events, he’s forced to muster all his resources as a scientist before time runs out.

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 7 Release Date

On Monday, October 31, 2022, at 10/9c on NBC, the new Quantum Leap Episode 7 is set to make its debut. The day after each episode airs on Peacock, every episode of Season 1 will also be accessible to stream.

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 6 Recap

Just before the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, Ben hops upon John Harvey in San Francisco. He finds out that he is there to assist Naomi, John’s estranged wife, in saving their son Jason, who initially perished in the earthquake’s aftermath. Ben is reliving his memories of his late mother, who passed away following a dispute with him. Ben discovers Jason in the family’s old Oakland apartment building, but when he rushes inside to assist an elderly neighbour, he is struck by falling debris and knocked out. Thankfully, Jason is able to recover him, and they are able to flee the building before it crumbles. Ben succeeds in mending the family’s connection as well, and shortly before he jumps, he calls his mother on a hospital phone. Then, on Halloween, Ben awakens as a priest. The crew is still working to identify the mystery Leaper from Ben’s previous leap in 2022. They discover he is Camp Pendleton-based Marine Richard Martinez. Ian realises that Ben is trying to reach the future through his leaps because Martinez has no knowledge of the project and a spotless record, which prompts Magic and the team to hypothesise that Martinez will turn into the Leaper at an undefined point in the future.

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