Get Ready for Power Book IV: Force Episode 1 “A Short Fuse and a Long Memory” Release Date

Power Book IV Force Episode 1

Since the news broke that the Power Universe was going to be bigger than just James St. Patrick’s adventures, fans have been desperate for the Tommy-centered Power spinoffs. Both Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book III: Raising Kanan has been huge successes for Starz so far. Both series do an excellent job of carrying on the charm of the original Power series, and they do so by focusing on two of the most divisive characters.

Where Can I Watch Power Book VI Force Episode 1 Online?

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Starz‘s next Power spinoff, Power Book IV: Force is nearly here. Tommy Egan hasn’t appeared on our television screens in a long time. But in Power Book IV: Force, the fourth volume in the Power universe, he’ll be returning. The story follows Tommy in the aftermath of Ghost’s death in Power, as he rebuilds the company from the ground up.  Joseph Sikora as a New York City gangster. He leaves NYC and sets his sights on becoming the biggest drug dealer in Chicago. Below you’ll find everything else we know about the show.

A Short Fuse and a Long Memory Is the title of the first episode.

What happened to Tommy? He relocated to Chicago in order to begin a new life in the Windy City. However, not all is as it seems, as he has entered a dangerous new world. He’ll meet a new cast of individuals on Force, while Tommy tries to create his empire on his own this time.

However, the first hour is more about the goal than the voyage. It’s the ultimate set-up episode, in which we get to settle in and decide whether or not we want to engage in this plot. And with Tommy Egan in charge, there’s no doubt about that. We know Tommy and what to expect from him, but we’ll have to adjust to the newcomers who appear to have a big role to play in this universe.

Power Book IV: Force Episode 1 Synopsis: On his journey to LA, Tommy stops in Chicago, only to discover shocking news about his family. Tommy must decide whether he is going to force his skeletons back in the closet or put down roots in the Windy City.

Here is an exclusive first look at Tommy Egan’s (Joseph Sikora) time in Chicago.

In the first look clip, below, from the premiere episode, “A Short Fuse and a Long Memory,” a new acquaintance makes a connection with Tommy and warns him against making an enemy of the Flynn family. But who is the Flynn family? This question among others will be answered in the series which sees a Chicago divided by race where Tommy straddles the line.

‘Power Book IV: Force’ Episode 1 Release Date

The second season of Starz’s Tariq-centric Power Book II: Ghost is currently airing. The season will run until February 6th, after which Power Book IV: Force will premiere. The show will run on Starz on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Cast

The cast of Power Book IV: Force is impressive. Joseph Sikora, Isaac Keys, Kris Lofton, Gabrielle Ryan, Shane Harper, Anthony Flemming, and Lucien Cambric. Walter Flynn is played by Tommy Flanagan, who previously appeared in Sons of Anarchy. Walter is the major antagonist in Force, while actress and model Lili Simmons play his daughter Claudia Flynn. Jeremih as Elijah is a recurring character. Blaxton is played by Barton Fitzpatrick.
Francis “2-Bit” Johnson is played by Michael J. Ferguson.

Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode Guide

Power Book IV: Force’s first Season will debut on February 6, 2022, with episodes settling down to one episode per week, and the episode guide below will help you plan ahead.

Power Book IV: Force S01E01 A Short Fuse and a Long Memory – February 6, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E02 King of the Goddamn Hill – February 13, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E03 Firestarter – February 20, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E04 Storm Clouds – February 27, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E05 Take Me Home – March 6, 2022

Power Book IV: Force S01E06 This Is Who We Are – March 13, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E07 Outrunning a Ghost – March 20, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E08 He Ain’t Heavy – March 27, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E09 TBA – April 10, 2022
Power Book IV: Force S01E10 TBA – April 17, 2022

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