Pandora Season 2 Episode 1 “Things Have Changed” Clip

Pandora Season 2 Episode 3

The CW’s Pandora recently released a two-mins scene and official synopsis for Season 2’s episode 1, “Things Have Changed.” The episode was directed by Brett Simmons and written by Mark A. Altman.

The sci-fi-space-opera drama Pandora’s second season will air on October 4 on The CW at 8 PM. Stream new episodes of Pandora Mondays free only on The CW. Read the official synopsis below.

Jax and her love interest, Xander (Oliver Dench), now working for the Earth Confederacy Intelligence Services, in an attempt to track down Tierney (Tina Casciani). There, they discover that she is also on the search for a weapon with the power to destroy the entire universe. Meanwhile, Jax finally reunites with her long-lost mother, Eve (Roxanne McKee.)

The CW’s Pandora stars Priscilla Quintana as Jax, Raechelle Banno as Atria Nine, John Harlan Kim as Greg Li, Oliver Dench as Xander Duvall,  Ben Radcliffe as Ralen, Banita Sandhu as Delaney Pilar, Martin Bobb-Semple as Thomas James Ross, Noah Huntley as Professor Donovan Osborn and Vikash Bhai as Martin.

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