Now and Then Episode 8 Recap [Finale]: Who Is Responsible For the Murders in the Now and Then Finale Ending?

There appears to be a lot of series about a group of ex-friends who maintain a homicidal secret and must contend with a threat to that secret year later. It’s the model that helped I Know What You Did Last Summer become popular, and it translates to popular streaming programs like Who Killed Sara and Yellowjackets. This concept is now expanded upon in a Miami-based Spanish-English television series.

In an intense episode, “Now & Then,” Pedro, Marcos, Sofia, Ana, and Flora’s intertwined disputes are resolved. The pals relive the agony from that tragic night 20 years ago in the season finale, “Tape 35,” as Flora struggles against all odds to uncover the murders of Jessica Thompson, Alejandro, and Dani. The buddies ultimately need to find a way to move on with their lives, but the revelation of their past causes everybody to doubt it. Fans would obviously want an answer for the characters’ outcomes and the unexpected cliffhanger conclusion. In that case, here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “Now & Then” episode 8.

Now and Then Episode 8 Recap [Finale]

The final episode of “Now and Then,” titled “Tape 35,” flashes back to Sofia and Marcos’ initial encounter in 2000. Before returning to the present, there is a brief flashback of the pals’ early days spent together. After Pedro’s defeat by Brady, Ana organizes the campaign office. Brady and Ana are scheduled to meet unexpectedly by Francis. As he sets his sights on the governor’s office, Brady promises Ana a position at his company. Ana goes back home and thinks about the job offer. After having surgery, Flora rests in the hospital while listening to Belinda’s voicemails. She discovers through Belinda’s girlfriend that her companion has been gone for more than 24 hours after trying unsuccessfully to contact Belinda. Flora goes to the hospital to seek Belinda because she is concerned about her safety.

Sofia discloses that Dani’s collection’s missing tape was actually hidden by Arturo, Marcos’ father. Video from Alejandro’s death night is on the cassette. As a group, Pedro, Ana, Marcos, and Sofia watch the video. The buddies decide to erase the tape after discovering the whole truth about the evening and facing their strained friendships. In order to find Belinda, Flora visits the police office and gets the relevant information. She is not permitted to use the station’s security camera, though. With assistance from an officer, Flora gains access to the surveillance video and discovers the tragic details surrounding the death of Dani and the kidnapping of Belinda. In another scene, Marcos confronts his dad and chooses to break off his relationship with Arturo. Sofia and Marcos are getting ready to fly to Colombia. Arguments between Pedro and Ana lead to the breakdown of their relationship. Flora finally approaches Dani’s murderer in an effort to finally put the case to rest.

Who Is Responsible For the Murders in the Now and Then Finale Ending?

Flora comes to Sullivan’s home in the concluding act of the episode after connecting the dots between the killing of Dani, the lost evidence, and Belinda’s kidnapping. At the residence, Flora reveals her observations and charges Sullivan with killing Dani and wrongfully closing the file on the deaths of Alejandro and Jessica. The former police investigator confesses the truth about the connected murders after Flora holds Sullivan at gunpoint. As was previously implied, Sullivan assisted Arturo in disguising Marcos and his associates’ role in the murders of Alejandro and Jessica.

In return, Arturo financed for Sullivan’s wife’s medical care. In order to conceal his illicit operations, Sullivan later killed Dani, found the recording, and gave it to Arturo. He also says that Belinda is dead and that he killed her because the investigator was coming near the truth, forcing him to do so. Flora is disappointed to discover that her instructor misled her the entire time. However, Sullivan flees into the night following a brief altercation with Flora. Later on, Flora finds Belinda’s death in the lake and arrests, Arturo, for his part in the atrocities that Sullivan and his son perpetrated. Sullivan is fully responsible for the deaths of Dani and Belinda. Jessica and Alejandro’s deaths, however, were accidental mishaps brought on by the pals’ group. Marcos, Sofia, Ana, and Pedro attempt to move up the ladder, but the episode’s final events release them of their previous responsibilities.

What happens to Sofia, Marcos, Ana, Pedro, and Ana?

Ana,  Marcos, Pedro, and Sofia make the choice to move on with their lives once their secret is once safer. But the friends will experience unexpected heartbreaks. In the final minutes of the episode, Marcos and Sofia walk to the airport to fly to Colombia like they were meant to 20 years earlier. However, Sofia admits that she and Dani blackmailed the others because they were in severe need of cash before they boarded the aircraft. Sofia’s lie leaves Marcos rattled, and he declines to go to Colombia. Sofia and Marcos ultimately part ways at the airport, their split having a tragically nostalgic feel to it. Pedro is disappointed to discover that Ana gave Brady’s job offer some thought before Brady was ousted as mayor owing to corruption allegations, though. Their chat raises the possibility of a breakup. Additionally, Ana’s discontentment can cause their marriage to dissolve. Ana declares her candidacy for governor in the last seconds. Pedro declares his run for mayor in the interim. A flashback of young Ana and Pedro leaving the house and entering adulthood is shown in contrast to the current situation. The couple’s choices so suggest that they might manage to stay together.

Ana, Marcos, Pedro, and Sofia’s lives are significantly impacted by the aftermath of the discovery of the error that the friends had been avoiding for their entire lives. However, the group including Flora, who had a personal connection to the case finds a way to go on with their lives. The episode’s last moments, nevertheless, imply that the group’s past might still be following them around. Flora enters a mortuary and is shown a dead body in the final scene, which takes place two years later. However, the season does not end with viewers seeing the dead person’s face. Sullivan’s body is probably the one here. His passing might bring the plot of the show to a close and provide a clear resolution. The passing of Sullivan would prevent the disclosure of Alejandro’s death’s true cause. Flora is surprised when she first sees the body, but she is more bewildered. Consequently, it is very likely that the deceased person had a close connection to the initial trial from 20 years ago. Additionally, one of the four pals who are still alive could be the one who passed away, ushering in yet another trying time for the group.

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