[Netflix] Sins of the Mother Ending! Why Did Lori Kill Her Children Tylee and J.J?

[Netflix] Sins of the Mother Ending! Why Did Lori Kill Her Children Tylee and J.J?

A three-part true-crime Netflix documentary series revisits the horrifying tale of Lori Vallow Daybell, who is suspected of killing her two youngest children 16-year-old Tylee Ashlyn Ryan and seven-year-old Joshua Jaxon,  and burying their bodies of them in their Idaho backyard together with her fifth husband, Chad Daybell. Colby, her surviving son, tells the story of his mother’s transformation into Chad’s doomsday apocalyptic beliefs, viewing her children as evil spirits for a large portion of the series. She is also accused of killing her fourth husband, who was also Chad’s ex-wife. www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

Sins of the Mother Recap

Lori is first introduced in Sins of the Mother. She was brought up in a family who loved her and taught her the principles of the Church of the Last Days and the Book of Mormon. At gatherings and meetings of any kind, she was always the girl who caught everyone else’s eye. Colby, one of the primary themes of the documentary, is one of the children that Lori had after growing up, getting married, and having children. That union, however, did not endure because her then-husband was too strict with their children. After their relationship ended, Lori met Charles. a man who was prepared to care for her and her children. Charles and Lori appeared to be the ideal pair. Lori started to alter, though. She had been a devout Christian for years, but when she met Chad Daybell, a self-published novelist who thought the end of the world was approaching, things changed.

Relationship problems started to arise between Charles and Lori, and soon they were quarreling about everything. J.J., Lori’s autistic son, and Tylee, her teenage daughter, ended up in the thick of the conflict. Using the justification that Charles was cheating on her, Lori then ended their relationship. Charles reassured everyone that he was innocent and said that Lori was crazy since she thought she was a deity and better than everyone else. Charles’ warnings were unheeded, and regrettably, it proved to be a catastrophic error.

Charles was shot in the chest and died as a result in 2019. Lori’s brother Alex Cox committed the shooting. Even though the entire incident was brushed off as self-defense murder, many things seemed strange. Lori’s unusual conduct and conflicting accounts from both she and Alex. The cops made the error of failing to notice any of these warning signs earlier, and it was just the beginning of a far darker story. Soon after Charles’ passing, Tammy (Chad’s wife) pass away, and soon after that, Lori and Chad would wed in Hawaii. They had the resources and motivation to commit those terrible acts because they both received payments from their spouses’ life insurance plans. Later, Lori makes the decision to relocate to Idaho with Chad and her kids. Months later, Colby, Lori’s kid, and the rest of her family were completely cut off from one another.

When the alleged apocalypse occurred, only people with light spirits, also known as the righteous, would be rescued, according to Chad. He thought he could tell if someone had a dark or a light spirit. As Lori and Chad discussed Chad’s views more and more, they came to the conclusion that her children Tylee and J.J. also had evil spirits inside of them. And what’re the only means of exorcising the evil spirit? This idea says that you would have to kill the host.

Why Lori Vallow killed her children in Sins of the Mother?

Tylee and J.J. were reported missing in September 2019. When questioned about the whereabouts of the two kids, Lori lied and claimed that they were staying with her friend, but her friend vehemently disputed this. Because she had made a transaction using Charles’ previous Amazon account, she was discovered. When interviewed by the media, Lori pretended everything was alright despite the fact that her kids were obviously missing. She refused to say where her kids were or what had happened to them and said nothing unpleasant had occurred. Sadly, in June 2020, when their remains were found in Chad’s yard, Tylee and J.J.’s loved ones’ worst nightmares were realized. Eventually, first-degree murder charges were brought against Lori and Chad, who are now waiting for their 2023 trial date.

It is revealed at the end of the documentary through a string of ominous messages that Chad believed the children were demon-possessed and that the only way to free their spirits was to destroy the body. Later, Tylee and J.J. would be killed by Lori and Chad, who then interred their bodies in a small grave just outside Chad’s Idaho property.  Although Lori is alleged to have killed her children, we do not currently have proof of this. She most likely planned to kill them because of the purported presence of evil spirits in their bodies. Although we are unsure if Chad is responsible for the deaths, it is a popular theory among those who are following the case.

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