Netflix Japanese Horror Film ‘Re/Member’ Ending, Explained!

‘Re/Member’ is a Japanese horror film based on the popular horror manga series Karada Sagashi by Katsutoshi Murase and Welzard. It could be the one thing you’ve been waiting to put at the front of your radar. Six high school students spend the night in their school after being imprisoned there by the mysterious “Red Person” in this live-action film. The group must race against the clock to locate all of the severed body parts hidden around the campus before the Red Person finishes them off and forces them to start the horrible day all over again. The film is directed by Eiichir Hasumi and stars Hashimoto as the protagonist Asuka. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in ‘Re/Member’ continue reading the recap at

Netflix Japanese Horror Film ‘Re/Member’ Movie

A sinister-looking man chases an eight- or nine-year-old girl around her house at the film’s opening. The girl tries to hide with her favorite doll, but her assailant kills her. After several years, we meet Hashimoto Kanna‘s Morisaki Asuka, a teenage high school student. Asuka has no school pals, contrary to her mother’s intentions. On Tuesday, July 5, Asuka walks to school with many other pupils and has a variety of experiences. She observes a cat get hit by a bus on her way to school, and at school, a few students tease an introverted boy named Shota. Asuka eats her mother’s generous lunches alone during lunch break. The girl eats lunch in the yard and sees many wounded arms pouring out of a well. She moves again and finds Mr. Yashiro, the librarian, looking at some plants when a wind gust breaks some earthen pots. Asuka hears a young girl asking for her body parts.

All of this ends for her suddenly day because she receives a string of mysterious texts, and as immediately as the clock reaches midnight, she awakes back at school together with five other students: Maeda Gordon’s Ise Takahiro, Uranishi Shota, Naruto Rie, Kiyomiya Atsushi, and Rumiko. Within a few minutes, each and every one of them will pass away.  As the events continue to play out in the same manner, she comes to the conclusion that she along with the others is caught in a time loop.  Shota, the typical nerd, explains he had aware of this Body Search game or occasion and searches for it online.   This game’s goal is to find a murder victim’s severed body parts in the murderer’s hiding spots. The suspect’s demon form, the “Red Person,” chases and attempts to kill the students, compelling them to seek. Players are magically transported to the murder scene at midnight and must find and collect the chopped body parts. After collecting the parts, players must place them in the victim’s empty coffin in the school chapel. The day will repeat until the pupils find all the body parts and arrange them in the coffin. No one else will know. The Red Person kills a player each night, and the player wakes up the next morning.

The moment the adolescents understand what is taking place to them, they begin to take the mission properly and formulate a strategy in order to complete it. Shota provides the layout of the school, and everyone immediately begins noting all of the locations on the map where they have recently conducted a hunt for a body part. Each night, they make an effort to cover a specific part of the school, and after many circuits, they are able to piece together the entirety of the body, with the exception of the head. The kids recognized that the head was the hardest portion to find. The head of Rumiko, the girl whose body was slain and dissected and whose body parts they now need to piece together, was never located. They are still searching for it. They go to the crime scene during the course of the day. Rumiko was murdered in her summer home, which was located close to their school. They find that the house has not been inhabited and has suffered significant damage. They find the doll Emily that belonged to Rumiko in a hidden gap in the wall that they discover. It is evident from the images that are hung on the wall that Hiiragi Rumiko cared deeply about her doll because it was the only companion that she had. The doll mysteriously vanishes without Asuka and her pals can even get a chance to touch it. They have no choice but to leave the house, and throughout their journey, they begin to speculate that the doll may have some connection to both the spirit as well as the time loop. During the same evening, Rumiko’s ghost combines with the doll to become a new monster, which then devours Rie. The following day, everyone appears, except for Rie, who is not to be found. Her existence has been eradicated, which implies that even if you are consumed by the monster, you will never be resurrected. Asuka is able to piece together from the abrupt appearance of the doll that the location of Rumiko’s head is now occupied by the doll.

Where Does The Red Character Go at the end of “Re/Member?”

Asuka suspects the librarian, Mr. Yashiro Tomokazu (Emoto Tasuku), may have information regarding the Body Search game; when questioning him, Mr. Yashiro admits that he, too, had been forced to take part in it. Unfortunately for Mr. Yashiro, he claims he has no recollection of taking part in the game and only learned of his involvement when he came upon a book about the Body Search phenomenon. Yashiro realized he, too, had played the game after reading about it in detail in this book and recalling fond times spent with classmates who were never close friends. Since Asuka doesn’t want to lose her new friends, she starts to worry about the fact that they won’t remember anything after the game is over. She confides in Takahiro, who swears to never forget her and always look for her so that he can have a loving relationship with her despite her fears. Takahiro gives Asuka a passionate kiss and then hands over the tie pin he never leaves home without.

On the same evening, during their Body Search game, the students give it their all against the Red Person, but the monster manages to devour Rumiko, Shota, and Atsushi before Takahiro can behead it. The little girl’s decapitated head does indeed slip out, and now Takahiro and Asuka are attempting to rebury it in the chapel’s casket. However, the Red Person monster returns, this time with its head sliced, and traps and devours Takahiro. The boy had already made fresh assurances that he would track down Asuka, leaving the girl as the lone remaining obstacle to their success. Asuka kills the Red Person monster and puts the girl’s head in the coffin because she refuses to give in to her loneliness and maintains social engagement with humans. She falls asleep with her head on the coffin and wakes up the next day to find the date has been changed to June 6.

The six pals act as if they’ve never seen each other before when they reunite at school. Student volunteers are needed for the forthcoming school festival, so a lottery is held to determine who will get the call. Surprisingly, these six kids are the ones chosen to volunteer, giving them a second chance to form close bonds in the real world just as they did in the classroom. Asuka’s tie-pin, which she had been carrying around with her during their fight, falls to the ground, and Takahiro picks it up. Neither of them seemed to recall their earlier conflict together. He walks over to Asuka, handing her the tie pin while thinking back to his earlier pledge to track her down no matter what.

Does Asuka eventually stick in Takahiro’s mind?

The conclusion of “Re/Member” might imply that having one’s memory wiped by the Red Person is equivalent to losing all of one’s saved data, whereas beating the game and killing the monster at the end ensures that one’s saved data remains intact. Thus, it is likely that Asuka remembers everything, but is too embarrassed to tell the others, who would likely not believe her anyhow. If everyone involved in the game has already forgotten about it, then how could anyone have produced a book about it? This explanation could be correct. Takahiro appears to be the only person who can be eaten by the monster and still recall the game, and the reason he can do so is undeniable love. Takahiro’s love is the driving force that causes him to recall Asuka. The fact that no one would believe him at school raises the possibility that he, too, remembers everything and is just pretending otherwise. But after meeting Asuka, he’s finally able to pin down the experience as real. There’s also the possibility that everyone involved remembers what happened, but they’re too embarrassed to tell their friends about it and pretend it never happened. Therefore, once-close buddies become as distant as any other classmate or acquaintance. Considering that Atsushi seems to have preserved his learning from experience, his desire to return to school when the Body Game ended lends credence to this theory.

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