NCIS: Los Angeles Series Finale’s Big Reveals: How did it end?

In the epic series finale of CBSNCIS: Los Angeles, the team once again rose to the occasion and put a stop to the sale of highly dangerous weapons. After 14 seasons of thrilling action and suspense, the beloved show bid farewell to its fans on May 21. The true hook was the impactful revelation of Kensi’s pregnancy in a powerful 1-2-3 sequence. In the finale episode, Callen and Anna decide to fast-track their wedding with a city hall ceremony. After receiving a mysterious letter from Hetty, Callen, and Sam embark on a thrilling adventure to Morocco, where they cross paths with some familiar characters. Let’s here find out here ( How did NCIS: Los Angeles Series Finale end?

NCIS: Los Angeles Series Finale Ended!

Hetty (Linda Hunt), a character on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” writes to Callen after his and Ana’s wedding, suggesting her apartment on the Greek island of Mykonos as a honeymoon destination. Hetty, however, has found herself in a precarious situation, so before they can enjoy their romantic holiday, she begs Callen and Sam to take on a “small side job” in Morocco.

Callen and Sam travel to Morocco in northwest Africa, where they unexpectedly run into intelligence analyst Nell Jones (Renée Felice Smith), who they last saw in season 10. Both Erik Palladino (Sabatino) and Peter Cambor (Nate), who left the program after season 13, make an appearance for a brief time. Sam and Callen’s assignment is to track down Hetty.  When Nell inquires if Sam and Callen are prepared for their next mission, Callen enthusiastically affirms that they are. Callen had a serious talk with Sam earlier in the episode, during which he acknowledged the importance of their relationship and expressed gratitude for Sam’s assistance throughout the years. Sam’s confession of love for Callen at the episode’s close serves to further cement their close relationship.

In the thrilling season, finale of NCIS: LA, our beloved heroes Sam and Callen bid farewell to their 14-season run with a promise of more action and adventure to come. With the potential for a reunion on Paramount+ in the near future, fans can look forward to even more heart-pumping excitement from these two dynamic characters.

[Series Finale] NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 21 Recap

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