Barry Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “A Nice Meal”

As the series finale of HBO‘s dark comedy Barry looms closer, We see hitman Barry (Bill Hader) back in captivity and Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) determined to put a stop to the Barry Berkman movie. However, Gene is taken aback when he discovers the identity of the actor who wants to portray him. In the latest episode, NoHo Hank (played by Anthony Carrigan) and the notorious “Raven” Fuches (played by Stephen Root) face off in an intense battle. Meanwhile, Sally (played by Sarah Goldberg) sets her sights on Los Angeles. In the upcoming finale, viewers have plenty to dissect. Here is the conclusion of Barry Season 4 Episode 7, in case you were curious (

Barry Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

In the opening scene of the seventh episode, “A Nice Meal,” we find Barry in a precarious situation as he is being held captive by Jim Moss.  Barry is seen immersed in a virtual reality experience that exposes him to unsettling visuals. Meanwhile, he fervently appeals to a higher power for the protection of himself and his loved ones. Jim expresses his disapproval of Barry’s recent religious conversion and issues a stern warning that his actions will lead him down a path of damnation. As the plot thickens, Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) is vehemently opposed to the production of a movie about Barry’s life and is determined to launch a strategic public relations campaign to halt its creation. He collaborates with Tom to ensure that the portrayal of Janice Moss’ death in the film is not sensationalized and that Barry’s character is not depicted as empathetic.

In the penultimate episode of “Barry,” NoHo Hank yearns for his past partner Cristobal and enlists the help of the notorious FUBAKs to track down his target, Monroe Fuches, also known as The Raven. NoHo’s assistant offers him to the FUBAKs and gives them the task of eliminating Monroe. In a dramatic turn of events, the FUBAKS vow to eliminate Monroe and his newly formed household before the day is through. NoHo makes sure to remind them to inform Monroe that he was the one who sent the assailants. As we cut to Barry, tears stream down his face as he grapples with the idea of being torn apart from his beloved wife and son. As Jim readies himself to inflict pain upon Barry, the latter’s nerves get the best of him and he begins to babble uncontrollably, ultimately confessing that he provided Gene Gene with funds to smooth things over among them.

In a surprising turn of events, Gene’s phone rings, and on the other end is none other than Matt, a talent agent representing the one and only Daniel Day-Lewis. The acclaimed actor has expressed interest in portraying Gene’s character in the upcoming biopic about Barry’s life. Gene’s eyes light up with excitement as he sets up a time to meet with Matt to discuss the latest development.  Sally dials Gene’s number and delivers the news that she’s made it to the City of Angels. She implores him to assist her in tracking down Barry. In a dramatic turn of events, Gene declines to retrieve Sally due to a pressing engagement with Matt. He directs Sally to make her way to his residence and rendezvous with him at a later time.

In a shocking turn of events, NoHo is presented with the gruesome remains of the FUBAKs. It seems that Monroe Fuches’ impressive abilities as a mercenary have proven too much for them to handle. Following the failed assassination attempt on Monroe, NoHo makes a firm decision to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, the harrowing scene of violence in Monroe Fuches’ home has left his girlfriend and her daughter deeply traumatized. In a dramatic turn of events, Gene rendezvouses with Matt at a secluded spot, where the latter drops a bombshell: a major celebrity is eager to join the cast of the upcoming biopic chronicling Barry’s life. In this week’s episode, tensions rise as Mark Wahlberg, the client, expresses his desire to direct and star in the movie. However, he is met with concern over Barry’s unfavorable portrayal, specifically his cop-killing act.

Gene provides Matt with a glimmer of hope, assuring him that Barry possesses depth and a relatable side, ultimately leading to a face-to-face encounter with Wahlberg. In a dramatic turn of events, NoHo’s crew launches an assault on Monroe Fuches’ estate, only to be met with fierce resistance from Monroe’s gang. NoHo turns to Barry for assistance in eliminating Monroe. Meanwhile, Gene shows up for his meeting with Wahlberg, only to discover that it was a setup orchestrated by Jim, who found out about the cash he stole from Barry. In a dramatic turn of events, Jim faces Gene about the money, leading to a shocking revelation. It turns out that Barry had offered the money as a way to mend things between the two. To Jim, Gene’s actions suggest that he played a role in Janice Moss’ demise. The episode ends with  Barry finding himself in a precarious situation as Hank issues a chilling warning about the safety of his loved ones.  we see Barry trembling and devoid of his powers, reminiscent of the season’s opening sequence.

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