NCIS: Hawaii Episode 22 (Finale) Recap: Did Lucy and Whistler break up?

On Monday night, NCIS: Hawai’i wrapped up Season 1 with Part 2, in which Captain Joe Milius teamed up with Special Agent Jane’s squad to figure out who botched a prisoner exchange between the US and Eastern Europe. There was a lot of action, but also a good bit of romance at the same time. For Lucy and Whistler, Capt. Joe Milius and Jane Tennant. let’s find out what did happen in NCIS: Hawaii Episode 22 (Finale)?

Part 1 ended with an American journalist being flown back to the United States violently seizing and foaming at the mouth, and he died not long after, aboard the Coast Guard plane Jane had acquired. It was later uncovered that the Russian spy who had been given up at the swap suffered the same fate.

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The prisoner swap went incorrect for some reason. Commander Thomas Kelley began seizing and dying on board a jet returning to Hawaii as soon as the Americans got their hands on him. But why did you kill him? He was part of a prisoner swap, which could only have taken place if all sides consented to peace. Was there someone out there trying to destabilize the situation? Commander Kelley was assassinated. Kelley was well on the ground and didn’t appear to be in any danger until they boarded the plane. Is it possible that Kelley’s murder was committed by someone on board the American plane?

The entire plane was interrogated. They’d all been pre-screened for this top-secret operation, but they couldn’t be trusted because those with clearance, like Maggie, were selling them to foreign powers. Everyone was interrogated repeatedly. Special Agent Jane Tennant and her colleagues were unable to uncover any proof against the crew. The doctor who was with them on the tarmac was their best bet. Kelley was evaluated by a doctor before boarding the flight, who gave him the all-clear and provided him with something to take with him. The team assumed this was how the nerve agent entered Kelley’s system.

The doctor, however, was not in Hawaii. He had returned to Manila. Jane and Joe boarded a naval warship and snatched the doctor off the street in Manila. The doctor attempted to deny any involvement in the killings. However, the team took a closer look at him. He has Russian connections. He was also on the dark web conversing with someone. The crew was doing everything they could to find out who the doctor was colluding with. It was investigated by the team. They eventually tracked down the woman who was involved. She was after the same person they were, but not in the way they expected. However, before they could intercept him, their suspect escaped on a boat. He was also, regrettably, extremely dangerous.

Alexi Babin was his name. He was found guilty of selling weapons in the far east under the premise of doing so for the Russian government, but the truth is that he was carrying out a false flag mission for which the only reason is that someone had planned something. Something significant. When it all came out, they sought to pin it on Russia. But Russia is a clever country. Jane and her colleagues knew that an event was about to happen because they would never make such critical blunders as Babin did when sketching out the course. They raised the alert level on the island. They communicated with a Russian spy on the ground in their area. Alina was her name. Alina also attempted to prevent Babin from fleeing.

For months, Alina has been attempting to locate him. FSB was her title. Jane had her jailed because she was a secret Russian agent who was theoretically operating on American soil. She tried to interrogate Alina later, but she was frightened of betraying Russia, so she remained silent. Babin was tracked down in a different way by the team. After he got off the boat, they looked for a place to land. They followed his signature to a residence that had been set on fire. To defuse the explosives, they had to bring in the bomb squad. “Boom Boom” was the name given to the person who defused the explosives. He also ensured the team’s safety.

But that wasn’t the only explosive in the mix. A second bomb had detonated. A second, more lethal device was planted in the same building where a peace conference was taking place. Babin planted the explosive. He was apprehended fleeing the scene and shot and killed, but Alina broke down after Whistler questioned her. Whistler successfully spoke with her through her own life experience. Babin’s personal information was divulged by Alina. This included his employer. It wasn’t a Russian operative bent on destroying the southeast. Someone at the peace summit had done it.

He claimed to be seeking peace when, in fact, he was smuggling firearms and ammunition into Southeast Asia the entire time. He also sought to hold Russia responsible if the plan failed. The individual was bent on causing disruption and bloodshed, but he was eventually apprehended and arrested. Meanwhile, Jane spoke with Joe thereafter. They were in various stages of their life. He was on the road for work. Because of her job and her children, she had no choice but to stay put. They’ve also determined that Joe Milius would always be welcomed on the island.

NCIS: Hawaii Episode 22 (Finale) Recap: Ending Explained Did Lucy and Whistler break up?

Jane, on the other hand, was holding a potluck that night, and the entire team including Kai’s father was invited. Kai then introduced everyone to his father. Lucy kept a close eye on the door at the party, expecting to see Whistler, but she didn’t. Whistler realized she was still in love with Lucy. Lucy heard singing in the distance (Adele’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”) as an arriving Whistler took Ernie’s advice to heart and offered a big gesture in the shape of a serenade. Lucy pulled her former into a long kiss, while the partygoers on the deck whooped and yelled, after an instant of confusion and upon hearing Whistler explicitly express her love. Lucy has forgiven her for the past and now, they are ready to move forward together.

Unfortunately for Jane, we don’t think she’s as lucky in love, or at least not yet. It’s hard when you’re interested in someone in Joe who has a life back in DC, and there is zero way you can give up your job and the family you’ve established in the islands.

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