All American Season 4 Episode 20 Recap [Finale]: Are Spencer and Olivia still together?

All American Season 4 Episode 20 Recap-

At the end of Monday’s Season 4 finale, All American‘s Spencer James finds himself in that world-shattering conundrum, with Spencer and Olivia on the verge of calling it quits after Olivia revealed she’s writing an exposé on Spencer’s corrupt GAU football coach. The season finale was also a pivotal episode for Coop, who ultimately decided against dating Skye or Patience. Grace and D’Angelo are engaged! Jordan and Layla exchanged kisses. we didn’t get to talk to Ezra and Bre-Z about the other big news from the finale. Are Spencer and Olivia still together? Let’s read the recap of All American Season 4 Episode 20.

All American Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Did Spencer and Olivia break up?

Spencer and Olivia have been coping with a basic problem this season: her current aim of being a journalist is trampling on his desire of becoming a football star. Grace’s advice to Spencer in this episode is to give Olivia time and space to figure out what her dream is. Wade Waters isn’t a lovely guy, to be sure. He’s conceited and entitled. But her targeting Wade, which was partly based on personal information obtained from Spencer and Jordan, was only complicating their lives. Starting with the swatting and progressing to Olivia’s background study on Wade, this episode reveals that he has been proven to be a criminal. Garrett, at the very least, was wise enough to cut his losses and remove him from the team. That wasn’t enough to disqualify Clay as a provocateur. Jordan struck him, fracturing his hand in the process, and GAU almost lost the Homecoming game as a result of his badmouthing Olivia. Then he promised Olivia dirt on Garrett. Instead of doing the prudent thing and passing the story along to her editor to be assigned to a less compromised reporter, she decided to write the expose herself, isolating herself from Spencer.

What happened in All American Season 4 Episode 20?

Coop used no-knock warrants to get the officers to leave. Olivia suspects Wade of being the swatter. Jordan encourages Layla to go beyond friendship, but she prefers things to stay the same. Before proposing to Grace, D’Angelo seeks the approval of Spencer and Dillon. Wade is charged with swatting after the police call was traced back to his phone. Jordan is now the starting quarterback, but neither he nor Spencer are being listened to about what Wade did. Skye is informed by Coop about her last night with Patience. Olivia seemed to be on the verge of ending her relationship with Spencer. Wade has been exonerated of all allegations. Spencer should give Olivia time and space to find out her dream, according to Grace. Layla stops by to see how Jordan is doing. Coach Garrett is persuaded by Billy and Olivia to take action against Wade. For the Homecoming game, he makes Jordan the starting quarterback.

Spencer is off his game as GAU grabs an early lead. Wade insults Olivia at halftime, and Jordan attacks him, injuring his hand. Garrett is untrustworthy to Billy and Olivia. Jordan fumbles the ball away, Coastal Carolina scores, and Jordan recovers to take the lead. Asher notices Jordan is hurt but does not inform Montes. Jordan makes a lefthanded touchdown pass to Spencer. Jordan tells Layla that he’ll wait till she’s ready. Grace accepts D’Angelo’s proposal and says she’ll go to Oakland with him. Wade gets dismissed from the team. Wade intends to bring Garrett down by giving Olivia an exclusive. Patience and Coop end up rekindling their relationship. J.P. is stepping down and handing over his label to Clay, a protégé. Jordan’s hand has been shattered. Olivia informs Spencer that she has a scoop on Garrett. He inquires about the implications for their relationship.

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