Modern Family Episode 5 “The Last Halloween” Recap

Modern Family Episode 5 The Last Halloween

This week’s episode 5 titled The Last Halloween from Modern Family Season 11 recap is here.

After Manny (Rico Rodriguez) has spent Halloween night with Jay (Ed O’Neill) looking for a discontinued candy bar that he accidentally gave away, Jay is demoralized when he realizes he’ll never find it. It’s not about the candy bar; it’s the passage of time. But Manny makes Jay feel much better.

Alex (Ariel Winter) is excited to see her boyfriend Bill (guest star Jimmy Tatro) since he’s been away for a couple of months, but at least he got to enjoy the racy photos she sent him. Except for the part where that she sent them to ‘Creepy Craig,’ not Bill.

Claire (Julie Bowen) has been accusing Phil (Ty Burrell) of being incapable of scaring her, but this year, Phil pulled out all the stops and planned a scare for more than 11 months to give Claire a fright.

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