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Micah Holsonbake Murder – True crime tales often capture our interest with their blend of intrigue and horror, exposing some of humanity’s darker aspects. Micah Holsonbake is an example of such an incident – tragically cut short through violence and mystery, leaving an unnerving narrative behind. “True Crime Garage” examines this enigmatic story by shining light onto “Bakersfield 3“, including its troubling tale and all those involved, such as Matthew Queen, who stood at its core. Through our exploration, Micah’s life will come to light along with his tragic ending and what lies beyond that tale!

How Did Micah Holsonbake Die

Who Was Micah Holsonbake and How Did He Die?

Micah Holsonbake lived a life full of promise and potential, marked both by accomplishments and personal struggles. Born to Cheryl and Lance Holsonbake of Arkansas, he grew up alongside his brother Luke. Early on, Micah distinguished himself with his intellect, earning the moniker “Stats” due to his extraordinary memory for recalling statistics on all sorts of topics – demonstrating an aptitude for numbers with an eager thirst for knowledge that set him apart from other children his age.

Micah began his adolescent years with football and debate as outlets for his competitive spirit and analytical mind. Following Harding University graduation, Micah briefly served in the Navy before discontinuing due to health concerns related to growths in his throat.

Micah returned home to Bakersfield, California, where his life would change forever. Undergoing painful surgeries and becoming dependent upon prescription pain medication changed him drastically; by the mid-2010s, he found himself at an impasse. An overdose of Fentanyl-laced OxyContin in 2015 left him physically and emotionally scarred; relationships within his family suffered, his job disappeared, and life seemed precarious.

Despite the odds, Micah formed an unlikely alliance with Baylee Despot and James Kulstad, individuals each plagued with their own difficulties. Together they embarked upon a dangerous path by illegally manufacturing and selling firearms – later coined “The Bakersfield 3.” Micah later found himself immersed in this shadowy world of underground weapon trade far different than what once seemed destined for him.

Micah met an unfortunate end in March 2018 when his sudden disappearance sent shockwaves to his family and community. Months later, when his dismembered remains were discovered at Hart Park and Lake Ming – a severed arm was discovered in a Hart Park bag, while a skull and bones found at Lake Ming offered chilling evidence of the violence that claimed Micah. Blunt force trauma to his head became the tragic reason for his demise, signaling unimaginable horror awaiting Micah in life’s final hours.

killer Matthew Queen

Investigation and Arrest in Micah Holsonbake Murder Case

Micah Holsonbake’s death set into motion a passionate campaign led by his mother: the Bakersfield 3. United by their shared tragedy, these women formed an uncompromising coalition to uncover what led to Micah’s disappearance and murder; using the website and local advocacy as mobilization tools, they turned grief into actionable steps for justice.

Once Baylee Despot had gone missing and Micah’s fate had been established, Matthew Queen, her husband, became a pivotal figure in the investigation. Queen’s connections to Micah and Despot painted an intricate picture of intertwined lives marred by violence; details provided through Queen’s account provided an unsettling narrative leading up to Micah’s demise.

Queen reported that an altercation erupted between himself, Despot, and Micah that was marked by accusations and anger. Queen claimed Micah pointed a gun in an angry moment that led to a violent struggle and tragic confrontation that ended with Micah’s untimely death. Furthermore, Despot provided further context as Queen claimed she dropped an object onto Micah’s head, which proved fatal for his life and forever changed the course of events.

Queen and Despot faced the grim reality of Micah’s death with horror; dismembering and scattering his remains were shocking acts that brought home their intent. The subsequent investigation would expose their crimes and reveal all that transpired behind this evil deed, also providing insights into the relationships and depth of darkness surrounding them all.

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Where is Matthew Queen Now

Prosecution of Matthew Queen

Once at the forefront of an investigation, Matthew Queen faced an intense courtroom drama that would decide his fate. Legal proceedings shed light on a complex web of charges and allegations leveled against him, sparking public interest as the trial examined his life and actions for justice for Micah Holsonbake.

In May 2022, the verdict was handed down: Matthew Queen was found not guilty of first-degree murder but instead found guilty of second-degree murder and firearm-related offenses – further underscoring the complex nature of this case and its dynamic between Queen, Denton, and Micah as a trio that eventually lead to Micah’s demise. The trial provided insight into their relationships and events leading up to Micah’s death.

Sentences that followed Matthew Queen’s crime reflected its severity: he received a 30-year-to-life prison sentence with additional years, emphasizing the magnitude of the tragedy that had unfolded. Locked away at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, Matthew Queen awaited parole consideration which could only become accessible in July 2044 if granted.

The Micah Holsonbake murder case remains an eerie reminder of how complex justice, the fragility of life, and violent decisions can have far-reaching effects that have rippled far beyond any individual lives directly affected. It serves as an unnerving testament to how actions lead to consequences and a warning about hidden shadows within human souls.


The Micah Holsonbake murder case, chronicled in the podcast episode “The Bakersfield 3” by “True Crime Garage,” continues to reveal the darkest aspects of criminality. Micah’s story, marked by personal struggles and unexpected alliances that converged through violence, vividly illustrates the disruption of lives. Ultimately, the investigation identified Matthew Queen – presently incarcerated – as its central figure.

As we grapple with the unsettling narrative, we’re reminded of those who persevered to uncover answers, the dedication of law enforcement, and the enduring impact of lives cut short. The “True Crime Garage” podcast offers a platform to shed light on this grim tale, urging us to contemplate justice, accountability, and the haunting echoes lingering from an act of violence that irrevocably altered lives.

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