Perfect Addiction (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Why Did Sienna Break Up With Jax?

‘Perfect Addiction’ Ending Explained – The movie “Perfect Addiction” is based on a novel with the same title and stars Castille Landon as its lead actress. The plot revolves around a woman in an abusive relationship who seeks revenge against her former flame through the help of her new and healthier lover. Unfortunately, the movie focuses mainly on sexual content with little substance, lacking emotional depth or complexity.

My sister Sienna made a difficult decision by leaving her partner instead of seeking professional help. She wanted revenge for losing at Jax’s game, so she passionately sought it. Sienna had previously defeated other boxers during regular training sessions, but Jax’s abusive behavior prevented her from pursuing a career as a professional boxing trainer.

The movie had some decent moments, though its title implied Sienna may have returned to Jax despite his harmful actions. This is not the case; she recognizes the danger of Jax’s behavior and ultimately decides to end their relationship. While the characters lacked depth, overall, it was still watchable. In case you missed the episode (, here is what happened.

Perfect Addiction (2023) plot summary

What Happens in the Movie “Perfect Addiction”?

In “Perfect Addiction,” Sienna, an MMA fighter named Jax Deneris, and his trainer Sienna embarks on a turbulent relationship that ultimately ends when Jax cheats on her with Beth’s sister. To escape their shared apartment, Sienna moves out with Brent to stay with his adoptive brother Kayden; however, when Sienna learns that Kayden will face Jax again in a rematch, she offers to train him to be even better than Jax in exchange for housing and accommodation. As they prepare for their fight, Sienna begins developing feelings for Kayden as they prepare for battle together.

Sienna Lane (Kiana Madeira) and Jax’s relationship ended prematurely due to his affair with Sienna’s sister Beth. Sienna had felt an affinity for him due to their shared interest in mixed martial arts (MMA), but his emotional manipulation eventually sapped away at her confidence. Sienna soon understood that Jax Deneris (Matthew Noszka) was controlling her and altering her personality to suit his desires. After discovering his affair with her sister, Sienna left their shared apartment and spent the night at the gym where she trained. Sienna’s trainer and father figure, Julian, had also run the gym where she met Jax. Despite these obstacles, Sienna found a way to move forward by helping Kayden prepare for his fight against Jax; in doing so, she developed feelings for him as she realized how toxic her relationship with Jax had been.

MMA is a physically and mentally demanding sport, so Sienna and Jax were initially drawn to each other. Unfortunately, as their relationship progressed, Sienna began realizing Jax was emotionally manipulating her, ultimately leading to their breakup. Despite the superficial characters in the movie, its depiction of toxic relationships and their consequences can be insightful.

What Happened to Sienna and Kayden

What Happened to Sienna and Kayden?

Sienna initially gave in to Jax’s advances out of resentment towards him. Sienna planned on training a stronger fighter to prove her worth to Jax, but it wasn’t until she met Kayden that the idea took root in her mind. Her best friend Brent suggested staying with Kayden, who had an empty room in his basement apartment; when Sienna approached Kayden about staying, he declined, but when Sienna discovered he’d previously fought Jax, Sienna decided to spy on him instead – witnessing Jax beat Kayden before police intervened.

Sienna took it upon herself to train Kayden and teach him everything she knew about MMA until she was worn out. Although Julian (Manu Bennett) initially refused, he eventually agreed due to Sienna’s influence. As Sienna and Kayden worked together, feelings began to develop between them that despite Sienna’s victory over Athena (the three-time champion), Kayden still supported her. But after Jax accidentally hit Sienna during their losing bout, Kayden understood she needed time for herself and healing from emotional wounds; thus, he waited until Sienna could focus on herself before leaving with just a letter.

Kayden eventually realized his mistake and returned to Sienna. He returned to school, embarking on a new chapter with her, helping her overcome her self-doubt. Through their struggles, they found strength and love together. This story emphasizes the significance of self-care in relationships, as it can promote personal growth and foster healthier dynamics within a relationship.

Perfect Addiction ending explained

“Perfect Addiction” Ending Explained

“Perfect Addiction” is not just a revenge story but also about Sienna discovering her inner ambition. With Julian’s help and Kayden’s encouragement, Sienna takes control of her destiny by investing in herself instead of Jax or Kayden Williams (Ross Butler). With their encouragement, Sienna discovers she wants to become a champion herself; with confidence from those closest to her, she embarks on this journey. At the movie’s end, Sienna signs her name onto an entry card for professional mixed martial arts competitors, ready to take on the world!

After being emotionally exploited and poisoned by Jax, Sienna needed Kayden’s guidance and support to get back on track. With help from family, friends, Julian, and Kayden, she conquered her doubts and fears; even though Jax realized his errors and apologized to Sienna, accepting his apology, she encouraged him to focus on himself instead of looking to others for fulfillment. By letting go of resentment towards others, Sienna also found peace within herself by forgiving herself of any guilt she felt towards herself for what had transpired.

At its core, “Perfect Addiction” is a story about personal growth and self-discovery, emphasizing that true revenge lies in investing in oneself and chasing after your dreams. The movie urges viewers to prioritize their happiness and well-being and surround themselves with supportive individuals who will assist them in reaching their objectives.

You can watch “Perfect Addiction” movie on Prime Video.

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