La Brea Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Sierra

The sci-fi adventure La Brea comes back for a third, thankfully short season with only six episodes. The show was known for its unique idea, which was based on a huge sinkhole and the problems the characters faced in a wild land. The sinkhole survivors have to find new places to live after being attacked by warring CGI dinosaurs. In Season 2’s cliffhanger, Eve (Natalie Zea) disappeared after being sucked into a portal.

Gavin finds a clue that tells him where Eve is, but following it leads to terrible things. His complicated family background in 10,000 B.C. and the discovery that he has a sister add an interesting layer to the story. The way David Appelbaum is open to unexpected events, like Lucas and Veronica’s relationship coming out of the blue, shows how stories change on TV. While the Harris family looks for clues about where and when she went missing, more lives are in danger after the dinosaur attack.

Where is Eve in  La Brea Season 3?

Natalie Zea’s character Eve’s whereabouts are still unknown. Eve was swept through a time portal in the Season 2 finale, but it’s still unclear where she was and when she was in the time stream. Her husband Gavin is searching for her arduously, and at the start of Season 3, he gets a clue from a computer that has been found that someone says they can assist him in finding his wife. Though it might be revealed in later episodes, the article doesn’t go into specifics on what happens to Eve in Season 3.

La Brea Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

A flashback showing the Harris family enjoying pancakes opens the show. Izzy is distraught right now, and Gavin is trying not to lose hope that they’ll discover any indication as to where Eve was moved. Lucas is the Clearing leader after winning the election. In order to keep the dinosaurs at bay, he plans to construct flames and arrange spikes. Judah detests following directions from such a screw-up as Lucas.
Although Lucas acknowledges that he was a screw-up in the past, he has grown up and realized that Veronica and he are expecting a child. While everyone was ecstatic for them, Veronica wasn’t happy that he revealed the information. Gavin is informed by Scott that they may be able to power up the laptop by using potatoes, wire, and copper nails. He informs Gavin that he was meant to meet Petra’s mother, Maya Schmidt, the day they fell into the sinkhole, therefore meeting her screwed him up.
A lot of people rush towards them as they hear a disturbance while they are conversing. Gavin takes Veronica, who informs him that dinosaurs have invaded the Clearing, while Scott snatches Petra. When Gavin gets there, he discovers Ty and Izzy sheltering behind a car while the dinosaurs are wrecking havoc on the bus. They argue over what to do, but they flee from their wrecked home as the dinosaurs battle in front of them.
As additional dinosaurs invade the clearing, Gavin, Levi, and Sam evaluate the damage. Since the laptop is Gavin’s only means of communication with Eve, the boys believe they should divide up the survivors. Ty suggested that they remain in the Fort. Tension between Gavin and Levi develops as Levi offers to look for Riley and Josh, but Gavin declines. Sam tries to settle the situation.
As they harvest berries, Josh and Riley are making love. As they kiss, they are enjoying the small things in life. A dinosaur breaks the moment as it approaches. When Gavin remembers the pancake meal again, Lucas, Veronica, Sam, Izzy, and Gavin search for them. Levi then joins them. Sam finds blood on Lucas’s forehead, and Lucas needs a vacation right now.
Sam believes Lucas struck his skull during the dinosaur attack, and Lucas doesn’t want to cause Veronica any trouble or concern. Sam tells him that being honest is a requirement for a partnership. The two guys witness Josh carrying an injured Riley—who had been assaulted by a Raptor—after hearing him cry. They get her to the Fort, where they wrap and sew her wounds in the hopes that they caught the infection in time.
Gavin reaches out to console Josh. When Levi shows up with the laptop, he hopes Gavin will find some answers on it. Petra is afraid that turning on the laptop may alert the abductors of her and her mother. Scott reassures her that no one will discover her and that they will keep her safe, but they also need to assist Eve.  It was powered by the wires and the potatoes.
A voice can be heard over the laptop, and when Gavin answers, it suggests they can assist in finding his wife. Ty believes it’s a joke, but the voice claims he can see Eve and accurately describes her. The name Sierra is the only hint they are given before the computer disconnects, which complicates things.
When Riley wakes up, Sam appears relieved, but she soon begins to thank him in case something were to happen to her. Ty discovers Gavin staring at a rock with the word Sierra engraved on it. Though he can’t figure out the connection, he knows the name is related to the memory he keeps playing again. Despite knowing he won’t enjoy it, Ty believes that since Levi is still in the memory, he ought to seek for assistance.
Scott steps in, pointing out that the laptop has a map and a blinking dot, and that the location transmitter is close by. When Lucas passes out during their conversation, Veronica heads in search of Sam. Ty advises that the gang break up, with Scott taking the lead. Gavin brings up the flashback and tells Levi he needs his assistance.  Gavin tries to leave the program after they know it’s Izzy’s birthday because he remembers a woman named Sierra.  Levi responds, “That’s Petra’s mother,” as he then remembers that her name was Maya Schmidt. Levi and Petra are shot with darts and taken hostage as soon as he discovers her.
When Scott discovers her locket and notices a helicopter circling overhead, he is appalled. Ty claims to have discovered an Aurora with two colors, one of which is where Eve is. Sam, Josh, and Riley show up at the same moment because they want Riley to receive medical attention. Josh and Riley experience one, while Ty experiences another. Only three weeks before the sinkhole occurred, he finally made it to 2021.

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