Is Shannon Thornton’s Keyshawn leaving P-Valley?

Is Shannon Thornton's Keyshawn leaving P-Valley?

On Starz’s P-Valley, Keyshawn Harris (Shannon Thornton), a dancer, and rapper popularly known as Miss Mississippi became well-known after going viral. In season one, local rapper Lil Murder and Keyshawn whose stripper name is Miss Mississippi collaborated to gain social media fame by producing videos in which they pretend to be dating. Derrick, the baby’s physically violent father, is Keyshawn’s boyfriend. There have been a few hints during Season 1 that Diamond likes her. Following the airing of the P-Valley season 2, episode 9 this weekend, will Shannon Thornton finally say goodbye to her role as Keyshawn on P-Valley? Is it reasonable to speculate? Just think about what has transpired in the recent past. The viewers are concerned that she’ll go, leaving the Pyke. If so, does that mean Morocco Omari is quitting the program? Let’s investigate!

In P-Valley season 2, episode 9 titled “Snow, “we saw Hailey has everything planned out, including having Keyshawn perform as the headlining act so that she can reach or exceed the door receipts while still adhering to the 50 percent capacity rule. This will also put money in Keyshawn’s pocket enough for her and the kids to escape Derrick 1st thing in the morning. However, since only Hailey and Keyshawn are aware of that strategy, the politics are a little more nuanced. After receiving a call, Cliff decides to bid Keyshawn a tearful farewell. At the end of the ninth episode of Season 2, we saw Keyshawn leaving The Pynk, leaving a note written in lipstick behind, and then being approached by Uncle Clifford.

Is it the way that she truly plans to end her life? In the end, Clifford is aware of what Keyshawn has been through and what she has struggled against for such a significant portion of her life even if the two have had disagreements in the past. This is one of the reasons why we focused such a significant amount of attention on her at an earlier point in the season. If there was a way for her to escape all of the mayhem and suffering that she went through, it would make some sense for her to do that if the opportunity presented itself. It is also appropriate that we say our goodbyes in a hasty manner given the little amount of time we have left to accomplish anything.

Is Shannon Thornton Leaving P-Valley?

Shannon Thornton and Starz have not made any announcements on the actor’s exit from “P-Valley.” We might not know the answer to the question of whether or not Keyshawn will ever return to the universe of this show until it airs its last episode. Even before they said their goodbyes, this episode was plenty of excitement; just think about what went down between her and Diamond in the midst of all the mayhem at The Pynk! Even with 50% capacity, so much labor went into this spectacular reopening.  Even though there were only around half of the available seats taken, a significant amount of preparation work went into making this grand reopening a success. What happened during Lil Murda’s performance overshadowed most of it. There’s a good chance that the season-ending episode will provide us with at least some answers straight away.

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