Is Lifetime’s “Dying for a Crown” based on a True Story?

Is Lifetime's

The Lifetime movie “Dying for a Crown,” which was directed by Damián Romay, is a thriller about Lydia Campbell and her daughter Elle. The two people move from Los Angeles to Florida, and their move is surrounded by strange things. Lydia becomes the assistant principal at Elle’s high school, Bellview High, where she works with the principal. The teen is determined to be the homecoming queen in her senior year. Elle, however, starts to do whatever it takes, with the help of her mother, to become popular.

This new movie stars Jennifer Titus, Catharine Daddario, Laura W. Johnson, Andre Haskett, Darby Breedlove, Jevon White, Molly Hargrave, James Arthur Douglas, Amelia Still, Adam Shimberg, Abraham Sosa, and Caroline Knight. People have said that the Lifetime movie has a talented cast. Still, one of the most talked-about things about the movie is how interesting the story is, which makes people wonder if it is based on true events. If you want to know more about the Lifetime thriller and are in the same boat as us, ( is everything we can tell you.

Is Lifetime’s ‘Girl in Room 13’ based on a True Story?

Is Lifetime’s “Dying for a Crown” based on a True Story?

Is Lifetime's "Dying for a Crown" based on a True Story?

Yes, “Dying for a Crown” is inspired on some real events.  Lifetime is known for its movies that are “Ripped From the Headlines.” Just like one of those movies, Dying For A Crown is based on real events. but there hasn’t been a single event that has been confirmed to be the main plot point. It looks like the creators took parts from different real-life cases to make a thrilling story that tries to keep people interested by being true to life. As you learn more about the plot, the motivations of the different characters help you understand how they think. Elle’s dream of being the prom queen is a play on one of the most popular teen movie tropes.

In the Damián Romay’s “Dying for a Crown”movie, a teenage girl wants the crown so badly that she will do anything to get it. Also, her mother’s support comes from what she went through as a teenager. But the things that the mother and daughter do to try to make their lives perfect are not at all acceptable. Since “Dying for a Crown” is based on many real-life events, the story shows how far some people are willing to go to win a high school award. The Lifetime thriller is based on several real-life situations in which people hurt each other physically or emotionally to get what they want. It also talks about how important parental guidance is in these situations and how taking the wrong steps can lead to painful events.

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