Is Lifetime’s “Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story” Based on a True Story?

Is Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story a True Story? – The 2019 Lifetime film “Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story” is part of the “Ripped from the Headlines” series. Alyson Hannigan, Howie Lai, Daphne Hoskins, Daniel Nemes, and Miles Phoenix Foley are included in the cast.

Jim Donovan’s film follows missionary Mary Stauffer as a stranger abducts her and her 8-year-old daughter Beth. Find out if the “Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story” movie is based on a true story.

s Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story a real life story
Mary Stauffer

Is Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story a True Story?

The frightening kidnapping of Mary Sue Stauffer and her eight-year-old daughter Elizabeth “Beth” Stauffer from a public park on May 16, 1980, as featured in “Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story,” is based on an actual occurrence.

In 1980, the Stauffers decided to embark on a mission. As they leave a salon, Mary Stauffer and her daughter Beth are abducted by Mary’s former student Ming Sen Shiue. Jason, a witness to the abduction, was forced by Ming into the trunk of Mary’s automobile with Mary and Beth. Jason Wilkman is ultimately released from the trunk, and his fate remains unknown until it is discovered that Ming murdered him and buried his body in the woods. If the rest of the family attempted to run or seek assistance, Ming would execute them. Next, he would abduct Mary and Beth and imprison them in his home. Ming imprisons Mary and Beth in his closet and compels Mary to participate in numerous filmed interviews.

On Mary’s birthday, Ming rapes her and then records a video interview with her. He inquires about the calibre of her birthday festivities. After being raped, she refuses his advances. Ming is hurt because he claims she did not return his advances when they made love. Mary claims she has no plans to dissolve her marriage. Invoking her spouse’s name, Ming begs her to make love to her the same way she makes love to him. Mary now wonders if he entered her home and listened to her family. Ming threatens to suffocate Mary’s daughter with plastic wrap due to his anger. Mary begs him not to and pledges to abide by his requests. Mary’s quiet sobbing may be heard inside the closet after Ming re-locks the door.

Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story

Irve, the spouse of Mary, returns home and, while in the basement, observes the open window. There is a small hole in the bedroom’s ceiling, and the floor is soiled with shoe prints. He informs the police, who think that an electronic expert may have been eavesdropping. If it was someone Mary knew from school, her old yearbooks are suggested for review.

Ming asks Mary what he can do for her and her daughter before his departure the following day. She suggests that we give her a Bible. After a while, he returns with the Bible and announces that he must leave the house again. When they hear the door open and footsteps in the kitchen, Mary and Beth conclude that he has departed. They don a sleep mask and then hear music emanating from the cellar.

Later, Beth confronts Ming, wondering if he has hidden anyone else in the basement. Ming claims that his cousin Brian is in the closet, but he cannot hear Mary and Beth due to the floor’s extra padding.

Ming asserts he has been invited to a conference in Chicago; therefore, he is driving his family there in a recreational vehicle. Mary tells Ming that if anybody were to inquire about her while she is in the RV, she would assert that she is being detained against her will. Mary is encouraged by her daughter to get paper from Ming so that she can write a packing list for the trip.

Near the 30-day point, Mary’s voice narrates that optimism and her daughter’s love allowed her to persevere. To protect her child, she would do everything.

Ming Sen Shiue
Ming Sen Shiue

They depart in the RV and drive towards Chicago. Mary and Beth are both restrained to the ground. Ming explains their connection to the main gas supply. They risk an explosion if they pull with excessive force. He warns them that he will listen in if they yell and murder as many as possible. Mary attempts to whisper a request for help to a group of skateboarding boys, but they disregard her.

On day 45, they return to Ming’s residence, and according to Ming, they can now come out of hiding as his cousin has left. They have earned some privacy in the bedroom due to their exemplary behavior in celebration of Father’s Day. Ming authorizes Beth to telephone Irv. She assures him that she and her mother are healthy but does not know when his mother will return. Irv attempts to communicate with the man detaining them, but Ming informs Beth that he cannot.

During their weekly video interviews, Mary requests that Ming release her and Beth. The forthcoming Fourth of July event is mentioned. He discovers Beth wandering the hallway, searching for a restroom, when he investigates the source of the disturbance. In a rage, he ties them to the door of the room.

On day 49, Ming drives them in the RV to Como Park to celebrate Independence Day. Mary guarantees that she will not inform anyone. Irv stays home with their son Steven instead of accompanying Mary to Como Park to watch the fireworks display.

Around the 53-day mark, Beth is permitted to watch television. Mary loses hope and attempts to untie the door hinges to liberate them. The door will now close by itself. Mary calls the police from the kitchen, after which she and Beth exit the house and hide behind the RV until the police arrive. The cops arrive at Ming’s place of employment and arrest him. Mary’s response to a female police officer’s question regarding whether or not they were taken out of state, “Chicago,” prompted the officer to contact the FBI for assistance with the case. Mary and Irv ultimately reunite at a police station after a lengthy separation.

where is Mary Stauffer now
Mary Stauffer

Mary continues her narrative some days after the rescue when they have returned to the church. She insists on maintaining the memory’s existence. They endured seven weeks and one and a half days of difficulty, but the Lord was with them. When these were taken, Mary was 36 years old, and Beth was only eight years old.

A postscript revealed that Ming Sen Shiue was denied parole in 2016 after receiving a life sentence. Ming asserted that he panicked when the police discovered Jason’s body during their investigation. Elizabeth Stauffer, the author, is a mother.

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