Is Lifetime’s “Girl in the Closet” Based on a True Story?

Is Lifetime’s ‘in the Closet’ a True Story? – Lifetime’s suspenseful drama film ‘Girl in the Closet‘ follows a 10-year-old child whose mother, Patricia (Remy Ma), has an aneurysm and whose custody is wrongly awarded to Cameron’s wicked aunt Mia (Roman).

Girl In The Closet was directed by Jaira Thomas and written by Sa’Rah Jones. Abbey MacDonald, Eric Tomosunas, Courtney Miller, and Rob Hill of Swirl Films served as executive producers. Many people wonder if the story is based on real-life events and how much part is true if yes. Let’s find out the answer.

where is Lauren Kavanaugh now
Lauren Kavanaugh

Is Lifetime’s ‘Girl In the Closet’ a True Story?

Yes, ‘Girl in the Closet’ movie is based on a true story. On June 11, 2001, they arrived at the home of Kenneth and Barbara Atkinson in Hutchins, Texas. They had received a call that their eight-year-old daughter, Lauren Kavanaugh, was being abused, but nothing could have prepared them for what they saw when they entered the house.

The initial responding officer mistook Kavanaugh for a young kid due to her small stature. Doctors at a Texas hospital were astounded to see that the girl was roughly the size of a regular two-year-old. It did not take long for officials to begin investigating what had occurred, and the outcomes were far worse than anyone had anticipated.

Six years after keeping Lauren Kavanaugh in a cupboard, the Atkinson family only released her to sexually abuse and torture her. Due to sitting in her own urine and faeces for months, her lower body was crimson and peeling, and her organs were shutting down due to hunger.

When Kavanaugh graduated from high school in 2013, she stunned everyone, as many experts had written her off as incapable of leading anything resembling a normal life. Although having legal issues of her own and continuing to suffer with the anguish of having been “the girl in the closet” at her mother’s hands, she is determined to put that chapter of her life behind her.

Although Barbara Kavanaugh intended to submit her daughter for adoption before Lauren’s birth on April 12, 1993, the adoption ultimately occurred. Sabrina Kavanaugh, Lauren’s future mother-in-law, was present during the delivery and told The Dallas Morning News how pleased she and her husband were to become parents.

This was the most fantastic day of our lives “Sabrina said. We were in love with her before her birth. We reserved space for her and her baby clothes. Simply stated, it was outstanding.

Before Barbara, 21, told Sabrina she was pregnant, the two were introduced months beforehand. Many meetings were held before Lauren’s birth to finalise the adoption details. Sabrina did not doubt that she wanted to quit doing it. She did not even know the identity of the father.

Sabrina and Bill adopted Lauren and raised her as their daughter for eight months. Then, however, they received word that Barbara had petitioned the court for custody of the child. Barbara was adamant about retrieving Lauren after discovering that the Kavanaughs’ attorney never completed the proper paperwork to terminate Barbara’s parental rights.

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Doris Calhoun, Barbara’s mother, stated, “Barbie was permitted to change her mind. A mother who chooses to place her child for adoption does not abandon her child. This is a tough and intelligent choice; she is a wonderful person for making it.

The court granted Barbara and her new husband, Kenneth Atkinson, more and more time with Lauren almost immediately. Despite their worries that the Atkinson men were abusing the baby child, the Kavanaughs were forced to hand over their one-year-old daughter to the Atkinsons gradually.

Sabrina Kavanaugh saw a big crimson spot after changing Lauren’s diaper. “I don’t think that was diaper rash,” she reflected. I suspect Kenny had already begun sexually assaulting her because she wouldn’t let us change her diaper.

Sabrina brought Lauren to the hospital, but the professionals there refused to provide a rape kit. The Kavanaughs then produced 45 images to the judge as evidence, to which he said, “You’re doing more harm to this infant with all of these photographs than that mother ever could.”

In 1995, Judge Lynn E. Markham granted permanent custody of Lauren to the Atkinson family. The infant would be tortured to horrific cruelty during the next six years.

Lifetime’s Girl in the Closet ending

‘Girl In the Closet’ Movie Ending Explained

Girl in the Closet is based on actual events and tells the story of 10-year-old Cameron, who was adopted by her aunt Mia after her mother suffered an aneurysm and was already married with a child of her own. Immediately after settling into her new residence, Cameron noticed strange phantom sounds emanating from the area surrounding the locked basement door. Cameron will soon discover the truth about the people whose welfare checks her aunt cashed and who were chained to the wall. Cameron was demoted and assigned to the basement, where she would remain for the next decade as the police searched her future residence. For hints about the film’s conclusion, we consulted IMDB.

Girl In The Closet Movie Review

According to the analyses, Lauren is still alive because something deep within her possesses a significant amount of power. Those who watched the film contemporaneously with the events in the documentary sometimes described feeling physically uncomfortable after witnessing the child’s ordeal firsthand. These are the comments culled from various social media platforms.

Lifetime’s Girl in the Closet review

Where Can I Watch “Girl in the Closet”?

The genuine question after reading the blurb is where and how to watch this film. These individuals share a timeline with the interested person who knows where to stream the movie starring the girl from the closet and can see her in it. This film will be available via streaming platforms like Lifetime, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

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