In the Dark Season 2 Episode 11 Preview & Spoiler

in the dark season 2 episode 11

The CW has revealed a preview for crime drama In the Dark Season 2 Episode 11 it’s titled called “Bad People” which will air on June 25. The title gives us hints maybe the episode could be terrible and grievous. The episode was directed by David Grossman and written by Daniel Rogers. watch the preview below. First, we read the synopsis.

ACTS OF DESPERATION – With stakes high for everyone, Murphy (Perry Mattfeld), Jess (Brooke Markham), Felix (Morgan Krantz), Max (Casey Deidrick) and Dean (Rich Sommer) must each contend with the fallout following an attempt to cut off Nia’s (guest star Nicki Micheaux) supply and take her down.

Watch In the Dark Season 2 Episode 11

There are three episodes left in the current season that finds some conclusion and it seems that every one of them will be significant. We’re at a point now where Murphy has everything on the line and she’s a long way from alone.

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