Backstreet Rookie Episode 2 Promo

Backstreet Rookie Episode 3 promo

SBS has dropped the promo for the newest Romantic comedy south Korean drama Backstreet Rookie Episode 2 that will air on June 20 at SBS Fridays & Saturdays 22:00 time slot.  There are a total of 16 episodes in season 1. the series gives sweet rest to the tired people in our daily lives.

Watch Backstreet Rookie Episode 2 Promo

Backstreet Rookie is also known as Convenience Store Saet-byul. is directed by Lee Myung Woo and the screenwriter is Son Geun Joo.

The Series Based on webcomic “Pyeonuijeom Saetbyeoli” written by Hwalhwasan and illustrated by Geumsagong (published from August 11, 2016 to December 8, 2017 via Toptoon).

Backstreet Rookie Story

Choi Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) runs into a group of female high school students, including Jung Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-jung), who look like troublemakers. Saet-byul asks Dae-hyun to do an errand for them, which is to buy cigarettes from a convenience store, which he bought and in addtion, gave Saet-byul his number but she never calls him.

Three years later, Dae-hyun runs a small convenience store after resigning. While looking for a part-time worker to work the night shift at his convenience store, Saet-byul applies for the job and starts working there.

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