In Stranger Things Season 4: How is Hopper still alive? Explained

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When it comes to Chief Hopper’s fate after appearing to die and then appearing to be alive again. When the Russian lab beneath Starcourt mall burst in the season 3 finale, Hopper sacrificed himself. Everyone assumed he’d died, but a post-credits tag on the show revealed the Russians were holding an American prisoner. Is it possible that it’s Hopper? So, on Stranger Things, how is Hopper still alive? Let’s find out

Hopper was thought to be dead by the end of Season 3 of ‘Stranger Things.’
In the Season 3 finale, Joyce must explode an explosive to close the gateway to the Upside Down. Hopper sacrifices himself to keep Russian soldiers at bay while she accomplishes it, and he appears to die as a result. However, we hear of a strange American at a Russian military facility in a post-credits sequence. Joyce claims in Season 4 that she has never seen a body, which is television 101. If you don’t see a body, it’s likely that your favorite character wasn’t suddenly blown to bits. And it’s the same for our friend Hopper, who has to go back to Eleven as soon as possible.

On ‘Stranger Things,’ how is Hopper still alive?

And, as we learn at the start of Stranger Things Season 4, Hopper did survive the explosion. He sprinted along the steel bridge that encircled the entrance and leaped off just in time to avert the explosion, it turned out.

When Russian forces left Hawkins, they seized him and returned him to Russia. Hopper now wishes to return to Joyce and Eleven. He even mails Joyce a Russian doll with a hidden message to let her know he’s still alive. While conspiracy theorist Murray believes it’s a Russian government ruse, Joyce is confident Hopper is still alive and well, and that he wants to return home. Murray, on the other hand, is convinced that the KGB has already compromised Hopper. But if there’s one thing we know about Hopper, it’s that he’s devoted to those he cares about, and this appears to be a genuine attempt to track down Joyce.

On ‘Stranger Things,’ why is Hopper in Russia?

Stranger Things Season 3 reveals that the Russian military is studying the Upside Down in a lab beneath the Hawkins mall. Hawkins is essentially a hellhole for the other world, so it’s no surprise that the Russians chose it as a testing ground. In the last minutes of Season 3, we witness warriors in Russia pitting their strength against an Upside-Down creature. They might want to weaponize the demons in the end. They can also employ Hopper to test the strength of various Demogorgon animals after capturing him. But, hopefully, he returns to the United States before the end of Season 4, because Hopper is desperately needed in Hawkins right now.

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