In P-Valley Season 2: Is Ernestine dead?

Ernestine p-valley dead-

Grandmuva Ernestine, played by Loretta Devine is a continuous appearance in Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley. She served as The Pynk’s former proprietress and is Uncle Clifford’s grandmother. Despite being blind, she is able to see through the complex web of inherited unfairness and inconsistencies that have long governed the South. Even now, Uncle Clifford continues to maintain the club as a tribute to Ernestine’s time spent performing there in the past. Grandmuva Ernestine‘s health deteriorates throughout the second season, which takes place during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is due to the fact that Ernestine has developed coronavirus sickness. It raises the question of whether or not she survives after we see her battle her illness in a manic state in the seventh episode of the season. So, why don’t we talk about what we think?

Is Ernestine dead?

The epidemic caused by Covid-19 has a significant impact on Chucalissa. Because it is difficult for a great number of families to satiate their hunger, Pastor Patrice Woodbine decided to establish a food bank. Businesses such as The Pynk are eventually compelled to close their doors. But things take a turn for the worse when a number of Chucalissa residents, including Mayor Tydell Ruffin, pass away. Grandmuva Ernestine does not have to be exposed to the coronavirus for very long before she becomes ill. She finally gets delirious as a result of her fever, which is caused by the fact that she is becoming older and so more susceptible to the sickness. As her fever becomes increasingly severe in the seventh episode of the second season, she escapes from her home and makes her way to a river that is nearby while Lil and Uncle Clifford are conversing. She begs Clifford and Lil to bring the water to her because she is adamant that the end is near and that she must get to the water. Lil rubs river water over her, and while it (obviously) doesn’t heal her. In the midst of Lil correcting the paramedics for misgendering Clifford, Ernestine is whisked away in an ambulance. Her destiny is not revealed in this episode.

Is this possible Will Ernestine Die?

Ernestine p-valley-

It is possible that Ernestine’s passing may not come as a shock to anyone, given her advanced age and deteriorating health. During the same episode, she has a dream in which her deceased daughter welcomes her to the hereafter and shows her around. Even if Ernestine is successful in driving her away, the dream might still be interpreted as a portent of what lies ahead for her in the near future. Lil Murda asks Clifford to say her final goodbyes to her grandma after seeing the condition in which Ernestine was found, which provides additional evidence that Clifford’s grandmother may have passed away.

The emotional upheaval that Clifford is experiencing is evidence that she has reconciled herself to the fact that Ernestine will also pass away shortly. Taking into account all of these opportunities and elements, it is possible that Ernestine will pass away in one of the next episodes of the second season. In addition to this, we should anticipate that Lil Murda will be there for Clifford while she possibly copes with the death of Ernestine. The death of the character can even be a plot twist that allows Clifford and Lil Murda to get back together since they might end up becoming intimate with one another while the rapper consoles his ex-lover after the death of the character.

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