In Only Murders in the Building, Who is Becky Butler? Explained!

Only Murders in the Building

A mystery-comedy tv series Only Murders in the Building was produced by Steve Martin and John Hoffman. In August 2021, Hulu hosted the premiere of the ten-episode first season. The story centers on three strangers who share a passion for a real crime podcast and are portrayed by Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. The three neighbors create their own podcast about their investigation in the first season following a mysterious murder in their opulent Upper West Side apartment complex. The trio is implicated in the brutal death of another building resident Bunny Folger in the second season, which debuted in June 2022. A minor narrative point from the first season is brought up again by Mabel’s inquiry in the penultimate episode. As a result, fans get to know Becky Butler, a mystery character.  ( Here is everything you need to know about Becky Butler from “Only Murders in the Building” and how she fits into the broader mystery of the second season.

Who is Becky Butler?

In the first season of “Only Murders in the Building” is when Becky Butler is first mentioned. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel visit podcaster Cinda Canning’s workplace in the fourth episode, “The Sting.” The episode shows that Cinda found Becky Butler, a young woman who had been reported missing, and solved the case. The case, which had the police department baffled, was finally solved by new evidence that Cinda’s inquiry uncovered.

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Cinda’s podcast about finding answers to Becky Butler’s disappearance propelled her to fame and made her a well-known podcaster. Butler was a traditional decent girl from the little Oklahoman town of Chickasha, according to Cinda’s podcast. She was well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood and had no enemies. Thus, the case is complicated, and Cina gains considerable notoriety for solving it. But more information about Butler’s abduction is not revealed in the episode, and the storyline is not brought up again until the second season.

Where is Becky Butler Now?

‘Sparring Partners,’ the ninth episode of season 2, reveals that Becky Butler is actually Cinda Canning’s assistant Poppy (Adina Verson). Viewers learn that Poppy idolizes Cinda and longs to become a well-known podcaster like her early in the second season. She tries to tell Mabel about Cinda’s dark side, but she is also aware of it. Poppy informs Mabel that Cinda will do anything to keep her podcast engaging. The eighth episode reveals that Detective Kreps works for Cinda Canning, confirming the same. Detective Kreps allegedly planted the evidence that allowed Cinda to solve Butler’s disappearance, according to a montage sequence. Therefore, it is astonishing to learn that Becky Bulter, who is now employed by Cinda, is actually Poppy.

Only Murders in the- Building season- 2 episode- 6--

In addition, the conclusion of the penultimate of the second season gives the impression that Becky Bulter’s Poppy is terrified of Cinda. So it’s plausible that Cinda is controlling Poppy because she knows who she really is. However, Becky Butler’s motivations for working with Cinda Canning remain a mystery and will probably keep playing a part in the plot of the show. In the end, Becky Bulter is still alive and posing as Poppy to blend in. Cinda Canning made up the story of her disappearance in order to garner attention. Therefore, Poppy might have the key to discovering Cinda’s true identity and establishing her involvement in Bunny Folger’s death.

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