[Hugh Bonneville] “I Came By” Movie Ending Explained

I Came By on Netflix was a terrifying and unnerving horror masterpiece since it featured some horrifying happenings. Bonneville played it with a very scary level of danger. The young graffiti artist and his family get sucked into a maze of crime and blood as he learns worse realities about a judge. There is no easy life for mother and son. The narrative takes an awful turn. The murderer who instilled the atmosphere and sense of quivering terror is portrayed. But does it have a satisfying conclusion? Given the uncertainty surrounding the identity of a specific person in a specific basement, probably not. Additionally, after making it look like certain individuals would survive, they were killed off-screen.  www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

 Is that Ravi in the basement?

No, is the response. Ravi most certainly isn’t the man kept chained in Hector Blake’s (Hugh Bonneville) cellar. How do we know that? The timing would be horribly off, to start. Blake revealed that his family had a young Indo-Persian assistant named Ravi when he was growing up to his masseuse Omid (Yazdan Qafouri). Blake claims that he was a “small child” himself when his father “came upon him working in his shop, and decided to take him under his wing,” and was eventually sent off to boarding school at age 9. There are two boys visible in a photo taken inside Blake’s home by disobedient graffiti artist Toby (George MacKay), one of them appears to be Blake and the other, who is noticeably taller, appears to be Ravi. All of this suggests that Ravi was older than Blake, suggesting that the young man discovered chained in his basement is someone else, most likely another foreign worker. Blake’s past reveals that he hated Ravi, and it seems that he is still on a vengeance to cause additional people to suffer as a result of his anger attacks. The main reason we know the man isn’t Ravi is that Said, the prisoner’s name played by Tarik Badwan.

Hector Blake: who is he?

[Hugh Bonneville] "I Came By" Movie Ending Explained

Sir Hector Blake is that. As a junior, he was sent away to board at Birlstone School. After completing his legal education, he was appointed to the High Court where he served for 30 years before retiring. According to a letter he gets from a student asking him if he’ll examine their dissertation, he was involved in a well-known fictional case with Kazima Ajang in 2016. He was hailed as a “saint,” recognized for his “philanthropic activity on behalf of refugees.”

All of this is just a thin layer of Blake’s genuine self. When Toby researches Blake, he learns that his father owned a business and that everyone in his family was a “staunch colonialist.” After serving on the High Court for a year, Blake resigned, claiming that the bench was too “white and elitist,” perhaps to draw attention away from his own dubious past. He also says that his wife is a patient at Chesham House, a mental health facility. Along with watching Rick and Morty, he frequently plays squash with police chief William Roy.

Now the question is Blake’s motivations! in”I Came By” Movie

[Hugh Bonneville] "I Came By" Movie Ending Explained

Why is Blake incarcerating at least one man in his basement and drugging migrant workers? His motives are largely revealed by the unsettling chat he has with Omid when he brings Omid to his opulent home. According to Blake, his mother committed suicide as a result of his father inviting Ravi to live in their home “like a part of the family” and eventually “into his bed.” She had been found with her wrists cut open by Blake. Blake thought his father had replaced him and his mom with Ravi before sending them off to boarding school. He declares that he “hated” Ravi and brands him a “peasant.”

[Hugh Bonneville] "I Came By" Movie Ending Explained

A statement made by Toby’s buddy Jay (Percelle Ascott) towards the start of the film, which makes reference to a picture of Blake’s father, implies that Blake is behaving similarly to his father. Blake continues to look deeply into the portrait before asking, “Is that your old man? I can see the resemblance.” Blake might also be gay, but when it comes to Ravi, the boy he despised as a child, his “anger” is “extremely hard to suppress.” It’s probable that Blake struggles with both his sexual desires for those who echo Ravi and his contempt for them. This might be the reason why he keeps Said alive and imprisoned in his basement, much like his father did with Ravi.

What occurred to Ravi in the I Came By Movie?

Blake recalls Omid, “One summer, when I got back from school, I thought I’d murdered him. I leapt on him like a vicious beast.” Toby finds a picture of Ravi with the side of his head appearing wounded, likely the aftermath of this incident, which “almost wrecked his face.” It’s reasonable to draw conclusions and believe Ravi, rather than Said, was the prisoner in Blake’s basement because we never hear the full tale. Ravi may have been killed and his remains burned by Blake, much like he had done to his other victims.

What transpires with Omid “I Came By” Netflix?

[Hugh Bonneville] "I Came By" Movie Ending Explained

After Omid escapes Blake’s home despite being drugged, Blake effectively uses blackmail to force Omid into getting in his car by threatening to either halt or hasten the process of his application for permanent residence in the UK. In his basement, Blake is subsequently shown carrying Omid’s cellphone, which has blood on it. Said would have been relocated to Blake’s other hidden room in his garage by this point, and Omid can be heard pounding on the door of the hidden room and yelling to be let out. The fact that Blake is naked suggests that either they had sexual relations before trapping Omid or that Blake is simply destroying his clothing and any signs of blood. Later, just as he did with Toby and eventually his mother Elisabeth, Blake slices Omid up and burns him in his kiln that belonged to his loving wife.

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