Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Recap: ‘Flowers and Offerings’

In Hell’s Paradise  Episode 6, Gabimaru and Sagiri fight Rokurota, one of the most fearsome death-row inmates sent to Shinsenkyo to retrieve the Elixir of Life. Rokurota is a terrifying giant who devours humans. After running into Gabimaru, Sagiri, Yuzuriha, Asaemon, Senta, and Genji, he went on a rampage. Gabimaru’s superpowers couldn’t stop Rokurota, so Sagiri had to reconcile with her demons and find her genuine samurai strength. Gabimaru and Sagiri killed Rokurota.

The gang then searched Sinsenkyo’s terrifying beasts for the Elixir of Life. The episode ended with the party discovering a hermit colony. In the latest episode 7, Gabimaru and his team discover a mysterious settlement in the midst of the island. Hoko, a bonsai monster, protects a girl. Choubei and Touma meet two powerful entities. As the credits roll on Hell’s Paradise Episode 7, viewers are left wondering: does the elusive Elixir of Life truly exist? Introducing the mysterious and enigmatic Tensen – who are they?  In case you were wondering what happened at the end of Hell’s Paradise  Season 1 Episode 7, here it is (tvacute.com).

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Recap

As Gabimaru and his comrades survey the enigmatic village from afar, their attention is drawn to a young woman who has caught sight of them. Gabimaru attempts to intervene, but she quickly takes off in a sprint. Just as Gabimaru is about to be caught, a bonsai monster named Hoko shows up and engages in a battle with him. With crucial details on the line, Gabimaru entrusts Senta and the rest of the team to handle the demon while he sets off in pursuit of the young girl. As Sagiri fixates on Gabimaru, she charges toward the girl, leaving Senta and Yuzuriha to battle Hoko. As Gabimaru finally grabs up to the girl, he quickly realizes that her strength is beyond anything he could have imagined. To prevent any altercation, he restrains her and she breaks down in tears like a child.  Sagiri uses her persuasive skills to convince the ninja to release the captive girl. With the girl now free, Sagiri uses her calming presence to soothe her and bring her back to a state of peace.

In a shocking twist, the mysterious girl’s true identity is revealed to be Mei. And to everyone’s surprise, it is none other than Hoko who has been protecting her all along. As the tension rises, our mysterious character remains tight-lipped about his connection with Mei. However, he does offer Gabimaru and his comrade valuable information about the treacherous island they must navigate. In this episode, Hoko leads Sagiri and the rest of the group to a long-forgotten village that has been deserted for centuries. After a refreshing bath, Yuzuriha joins the others in Hoko’s rundown house. As Yamada Asaemon Senta lays his eyes on a cup of water, temptation takes over and he feels the urge to drink it. Gabimaru cautions Hoko against his uncertain intentions. As the camera pans to the front door, Hoko bursts in carrying an abundance of fresh fruits. Gabimaru remains doubtful, but Hoko attempts to ease everyone’s concerns by noting that Mei consumes the same food. As Gabimaru and Sagiri refrain from partaking in the feast, Yuzuriha and Senta relish in each other’s company over a shared meal.

In a dramatic reveal, Hoko clarifies a myth that has been cleared for centuries. The Elixir of Life, known as Tan, is said to be the origin of eternal existence. Cut to the character providing additional exposition, revealing that the island is partitioned into three distinct sections. In this epic tale, we journey through the mystical land of Shinsenkyo. Our heroes must navigate through the farthest location, known as Eishu, where the sea and forests meet. As they venture deeper into the heart of the land, they arrive in the village of Hojo. But their ultimate goal lies in the deepest location, the Horari, where the elusive Elixir of Life can be found.

Will they be able to reach the middle of Shinsenkyo and claim the Elixir before it’s too late?  

Senta and the rest of the gang are overjoyed upon receiving this vital piece of intel. Gabimaru remains dissatisfied, unconvinced by Hoko’s words and lacking any tangible evidence to support his claims. As Hoko shares his doubts, he foreshadows the impending arrival of Tense – the immortal, ageless, and flawlessly perfect inhabitants of the island. In this episode, our protagonist argues that the battles fought by Gabimaru and his comrades against Soshin were just a warm-up. The real challenge lies ahead as they face the formidable Tensen, who possesses unparalleled power.

In a dramatic twist, Hoko confesses that his generosity is not entirely selfless. He knows all too well that the Tensen are a force to be reckoned with, and that any human who risks to venture into Shinsenkyo is doomed to meet a grisly fate. Gabimaru and Yuzuriha are incensed by Hoko’s actions and immediately draw their swords, pressing them against Hoko’s neck. He insists that he harbors no ill will towards them and is simply speaking the truth. As Gabimaru and the gang are deep in conversation, Choubei and Touma find themselves locked in a fierce battle with the formidable Tensen, Ju Fa. Despite their best efforts, the brothers are no match for Ju Fa’s incredible strength and skill. As the villainous character takes action, he callously throws the pair into a dark and ominous pit, where their fate seems sealed. Little do they know, this pit holds a mystical power, transforming those who perish within into the very source of the coveted Elixir of Life.

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